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I played with observablehq.com/ this afternoon.

My head is melting. It's awesome !

I should have tried earlier.

I was playing with observableHQ today (I did not really tried until today).

I noticed a thing, well summed up in a notebook you've written :

> Squinting at them from a certain distance, Observable notebooks and Svelte apps can look like close cousins: both are functional, reactive ways of writing UIs in JavaScript.


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Studies show that human factors most influence the quality of our work. So why do we put so much stake in technical solutions?

The epistemology of software quality


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@xvw asked me some feedbacks on SvelteJS, that we use at work.

I finally took the time to quickly write something.


It's quite contextual to the client and projects I work on.
It's also not very structured. I don't have time to write a polished medium post ^^



"concentrated musings on psychohistory, teleportation and AI"

Texts from an Indian AI/CS researcher, exploring current themes through the prism of Indian and Vedic philosophy.

India's philosophy is barely known in the western world, but is massive, sophisticated and advanced. After some readings, a lot of western philosophers feels like children compared to Indian tradition.

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Personal action to reduce #CO2. What people belief and that’s fact, see here:

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Les gaz lacrymo empoisonnent.

"Alexander, les trois médecins et quelques complices se font eux-mêmes cobayes de leur expérience. Ils testent leur sang avant la manifestation puis après. Les résultats sont édifiants. La communauté scientifique considère l’empoisonnement au cyanure à partir de 0,5 mg par litre de sang et sa dose mortelle à 1 mg. Parmi les personnes testées, deux affichent des taux voisins de 0,7 mg par litre."


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"Gradient is a place for writers, makers, and code writers to take a week away from their regular lives to focus on creative work."

Interesting concept (on both sides, attendees as retreat maintainers).

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