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Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

Great article !


A cool citation :

Imagine a flashy spaceship lands in your backyard. The door opens and you are invited to investigate everything to see what you can learn. The technology is clearly millions of years beyond what we can make.

This is biology.

–Bert Hubert, “Our Amazing Immune System”

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Gradients of technological democracy (in order of least to best):

- one app, one service (WhatsApp).
- open api (multiple apps, some of which open source), one service (some information providers).
- idem, but service is self-hostable (closed source, such as MS Echange)
- idem, but service is open source (Nextcloud Talk, Matrix)
- standardized protocol (e-mail, irc, xmpp, activitypub)

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The French police wrote a law proposal to censor "identifiable" images of officers on social networks—basically undermining any possibility of reporting on police abuse.
Given the urgency I quick-translated @davduf’s remarkable piece. Please read, share.
davduf.net/police-blurred-citi t.co/0mXXNcJjoX

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Maintenant que l'État a sorti le sien, je peux vous partager mon générateur rapide d'attestation.

Objectif : depuis le smartphone, pouvoir sortir les attestations de tout le monde lors d'un déplacement + les attestations permanentes liées


I have a question :
At work, we want to manage a set of related modules and programs in a . Which solution for dependency management would you recommend ?
We're gonna try with pipenv (my python colleague tried poetry but wasn't convinced)
We initially ditched Conda (because "not standard"), but I wonder if we shouldn't change our minds.

(ping @dav ?)

My daughter wanted to throw away this masterpiece ! No way !
(I also really like the pumpkin in the bottom)

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I just learned about the bouba/kiki effect and although it seems completely plausible my mind is still somehow blown.


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Again, some ylva trax (I'm turning fanboy ^^)

I really LOVE the first track (rush)

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"Be slow and strategic like a mushroom."

(From today's Co-Star)

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well, this is amazing.
svg/html based functional reactive
patch system.


Ok, today I learned that Windows10 accesses the filesystem of it's embedded linux (WSL) via a 9P protocol file server !



Another track of Ylva Trax. A remix of Mazzy Star's Stardust with strong Massive Attack vibes

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New research explores the possibility that knee cartilage is more adaptable than previously thought, and that, far from causing arthritis, running may make it stronger. nytimes.com/2020/10/21/well/wh

And here's the paper: peerj.com/articles/9676/

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@glyph Anyway, it's fun and interesting, and I'll keep researching a better modus operandi for a "no-fuss household cultivation technique" (without pressure cooker, etc)

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@glyph damnit !
It seems I have contaminations in my culture : see the greenish mold at the bottom of my pot.
It's too bad, be cause elsewhere the mycelium seems good !

Probable causes :
temperature too low for the pleurotus to colonize before other fungi.
Maybe also too few seeding mushroom fragments and/or not enough homogeneous repartition in the pot.
Maybe also too much humidity.

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