Sometimes it a bit psychedelic at work ^^

(yes there are some annoying rendering artifacts)

today was first time !
hardcore conditions: cold, molten snow/rain, clouds moving everywhere around (messing with perception/balance, some people got seasick-like)

It was pure primal terror for me: I barely sat on the line, mind shattered, all skills gone 😄
…will do it again

(and it’s not me on the pictures, obviously 😅)

ping @dodosan

Like every year, it’s time for the evening fragrance battle : rose versus honeysuckle.
so good !

listened to autechre’s live at Birmingham (1993) - classic vibes from the era, it aged well too.

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Une ressource simple et de bon sens en termes de mise en page #web et #ux, sans dogmatisme ni ton de geek. Rien de renversant, mais des nuances et une structure super lisible.
Intéressant de lire ça à propos de l' #écran pour réfléchir à la traduction vers le #papier et les différences.

Dans le détail :
- Les questions d'interlignage, avec nuances bienvenues
- Algorithm of design
- On calme le jeu avec la grille
- Le détail des hints pour les formulaires
- Débrouiller les inputs de date et heure
- Et bien sur j'adore le fait qu'ils discréditent la grille de ligne de base

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In a Nujabes kind of mood. I haven't listened to this in many years, and it's as beautiful as ever. It always feels like a slow morning walk in a sunny street for me.

Breathe in
All your pain
You don't have to say anything
Or pretend
That it won't start again
Breathe in
All the secret
You don't have to be someone else
Or pretend
That you really don't care
Breathe out
All the love
Let it fly away
It will always surround you
Leave and go back
It will find you
Breathe in
Here's the storm
Comes to break you up
And reveal what's been drifting
Now you'll find what's been missing
Breathe now
Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe out

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La petite startup norvégienne #Vivaldi a doublé ses effectifs en 6 ans et recrute encore aujourd'hui un développeur "Front End" pour ses bureaux d'#Oslo ou #Reykjavík 🌋 !

#JeRecrute (pas moi)

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A rare bit of self-promotion: I've got a new zine: Eidolia! It's a series of illustrations and machine-generated poetry, and I'm hoping to refine the process over the next couple months. It's currently only available for patrons, but I'll put it up on next month!

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