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Cool project from Wakoma: the Nimble - a rapidly deployable, wireless mesh network. Tons of stuff, and completely offline:

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One fun & low-tech way to interact with fungal mycelia is to grow them in counter-top containers.

The source material can come in the form of stem butts from mushrooms you prepare for cooking, or can be purchased as grain spawn or sawdust spawn from a mycological supply business or hobbyist. Works best with Pleurotus species.

I add my used coffee grounds & tea leaves to the container each day & sprinkle in some grain spawn or shredded stem butts. Simple as that.

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Mixed feelings : fluidframework.com/

Fluid Framework is a collection of client libraries for distributing and synchronizing shared state. These libraries allow multiple clients to simultaneously create and operate on shared data structures using coding patterns similar to those used to work with local data.

Seems awesome !

But made by Microsoft... (I know, they changed... but it's still a megacorp)

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A betavoltaic device uses beta particles from radioactive decay to generate electricity. Basically, it works like a solar cell, but using radiation instead of light.

Hypothetically, this could be used to make batteries which last a long time. Using thin layers of radioactive carbon-14 sandwiched between layers of semiconductive diamond (which would also keep the radioactivity contained), tiny batteries like these could supply small amounts of power for thousands of years. Prototypes have been made using nickel-63 as the energy source,

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This thing is called a 5D optical data storage crystal. It's a little piece of fused quartz, etched to remarkable precision using a femtosecond ultraviolet laser.

The "5D" part of the name is just a marketing gimmick (it only has three dimensions, obviously), but it's impressive anyway. Using current technology, these little things can store 360 terabytes of data. Once written, these crystals can survive temperatures up to 1000°C, and could theoretically last for billions of years.

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take over the world by loving your family, making your friends part of your family, and building a future with them

How do people make those awesome videos of music livesets ?

I guess it's GoPro + digital recorder + sound/vid synchronization + editing.
It takes a lot of time and efforts, no ?

I would like to share here some jams I make on my machines, but I'm very short on free time :)

I re-read about today, it's quite fascinating : we scientifically know very little about it (origin, effects, mechanisms of symbiosis, etc.), it's very difficult to industrialise ; but yet it's also worldwide spreadt via human to human gift.

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@0gust1 Je découvre une plate forme d'échange de tout types de grains et de mères, même de vinaigre !

Industrialisation du kefir...
(Amha, le bocal fait au moins 10L)

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No-tech mycelium propagation:

Stem butts of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) placed between layers of wet corrugated cardboard and left outside in the shade.

The mycelium comprising the tiny pieces of mushroom tissue reverts to an exploratory phase and begins growing outward in search of novel food sources.

As companions of the mycelium, we can leverage this talent in order to grow more mushrooms; introduce the myceliated cardboard to used coffee grounds, straw or hardwood logs.

My dawless / computerless setup is now fully useable. I'm able to move it around the house, just need a power plug and 4 switches to turn on.
On ergonomics side, it helps a lot !
And hiding the cable mess behind is very psychologically pleasing 😁

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Wew, just (almost) finished my "pupitre à sons"!
Took me some time to find the right angles and dimensions.

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revenu universel de base et David Graeber 

"Il s’agit d’une proposition de transition. Créer un revenu universel de base ne va pas créer l’utopie mais cela peut résoudre le problème des bullshit jobs. Je ne parle pas des versions bourgeoises, qui voudraient juste ajouter un revenu additionnel, ni des versions de droite pour remplacer ainsi toutes les aides sociales. Le revenu universel dont je parle doit être suffisant pour vivre. Il faut séparer le travail des moyens de subsistance. Si vous êtes un prolétaire, vous êtes obligé de vendre votre force de travail, mais si vous possédez un revenu vous n’êtes plus prolétaire. [...] Les gens les plus convaincants sur le revenu universel de base viennent des milieux féministes. Comme ceux qui se battent pour un salaire ménager. On leur a dit que c’était une provocation, que ce n’était pas très sérieux, mais ces personnes pointaient les inégalités, l’exploitation. Et la dernière des choses qu’elles souhaitaient, c’était la mesure du travail ménager. C’est quoi la quantité de travail mesurable quand on s’occupe d’un enfant malade ? Avec le revenu universel, c’est à vous de décider quelle partie vous voulez mettre dans le travail productif ou dans le travail du care, toutes ces choses qu’on ne peut pas quantifier."
#RevenuUniversel #DavidGraeber

Making gomasio...
Had to lock to kids away : they're becoming mad when they smell the aroma, put their fingers in the mortar (when I'm grinding!) 😂

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