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The academic report I wrote goes wider than just describing TrustNet, meaning you should read it if you want to understand:

* how Scuttlebutt works
* what public-key cryptography is
* the nuance of content moderation
* (peer-to-peer) distributed systems
* computational trust

As far as I could motivate it, my thesis is basically a from-the-ground-up introductory text to the fundamentals underpinning peer-to-peer systems like SSB, Cabal, and others.

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For more than a year, I've been researching subjective moderation systems as part of my Master's thesis. What I ended up with is TrustNet, a system for representing, and interacting with, computational trust.


In the linked article, I summarize my research, link to the academic article I wrote, the code I produced, and the 30 minute Master's thesis presentation I held at the end of May.

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(I'm trying to give this petition some extra visibility here.)

It's to ask the European Union to give consumers more rights by making manufacturers design their phones to be repairable so we can all repair our smartphones ourselves and have an easier access to parts and how to use them.

It will benefit both the Earth and the consumer's pockets so It's a big win if It does pass in Europe!

(It's currently 333 signs away from goal and being sent to congress by the way.)

Brilliant start, and very in-line with the instance's ideas.

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Thibault Thomas vient de sortir un projet intéressant

Cloud, cookie, intelligent... le vocabulaire de la tech est souvent trompeur quand il n'est pas juste confus, opaque ou réducteur.

Les représentations graphique de techno dans NounProject illustraient souvent la même chose (leur nom) mais presque jamais la techno en elle-même.


En attendant la modération / sélection de ce projets par NounProject
Le travail est téléchargeable ici

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EPUB.JS & Open Online Annotation


Resonating with this because so many of my book highlights are spread across/siloed in iBooks/Google Play Books/random files.

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« The design decisions behind Nature’s new look »

Date de l'an dernier mais trouvaille qui plaira aux dizaïneurs ici, et aux typographophiles (attention, ce mot nouveau n'est pas encore dans le dictionnaire !)


ping @joachim bien évidemment.

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« Didier Raoult n’est pas Prométhée, redonnant aux citoyens la science. C’est l’inverse. Il est un général Boulanger de la médecine, accaparant la science au profit d’un culte de la personnalité, rendant impossible la transmission du savoir. »
Impeccable tribune de Christian Lehmann

Funny how psytrance = coding music for me. I almost never listen this genre in other situations.

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i built a tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively painting / blurring faces and identifiable features. it runs on a phone or computer directly in the browser, and doesn't send info anywhere:


Very intense blackbird conversations in the neighborhood !

I always loved these birds.
Wonder about their symbolism in different cultures

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Le discours de Tamika Mallory est l'un des plus puissants depuis le début de cette révolte : « Ne nous parlez pas de pillage ! Vous êtes les pilleurs !

#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #BLACKlivesmatter #USArevolts


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Found a long Twitter thread documenting some of the atrocities the US police have committed during these protests. It's harrowing to look through. Huge CW for violence and some graphic images of injuries


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