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in other words, I'm back, kinda, and could write a thousand toots about my misadventures in the past ~2 years

but it's time to move forward and return to the things I've loved doing before

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if there's a single good thing that comes from my bike accident yesterday, it's the time I spent on my dynamic wallpaper / screensaver thing

still not done, but honestly, is anything ever "done"?

in other words, I'm back, kinda, and could write a thousand toots about my misadventures in the past ~2 years

but it's time to move forward and return to the things I've loved doing before

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selfnote: stay away from GL_OES_standard_derivatives... or fully embrace it

this is supposed to become a screensaver of some sorts

Sorry for the silence. 

I've promised that I'll be more active here, that I'll show my progress.

But frankly, I've got no progress to show here, and my day is mostly spent either maintaining the household, our dog and myself. Or it's spent on maintaining smaller projects which I wanted to be done with months ago, but it turns out "userbases" are a thing.

At least one of those projects will indirectly improve future work on Rotonde.

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Sorry for the silence. 

I've been unable to work on anything that requires even a line of external documentation as our internet connection has just reached its limits.

And admittedly, I've been unable to focus on anything, both due to my dayjob and due to things happening in our family which I'd rather not talk about.

Thankfully, I've finally received a late Christmas gift: a LAN cable to connect my oversized calculator to the gateway.

We'll also finally upgrade from DSL to VSDL in January.

This took way too long, but Rotonde is finally "working" in Firefox using the dat-fox plugin.

There are some large issues in dat-fox, most notably the fact that it's just a neat shell built on top of http:, which breaks basic stuff like fetching dat: URLs or dat: images.

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Google is an incredibly slimy company 

"For example, they recently added a hidden empty div over YouTube videos that causes our hardware acceleration fast-path to bail (should now be fixed in Win10 Oct update). Prior to that, our fairly state-of-the-art video acceleration put us well ahead of Chrome on video playback time on battery, but almost the instant they broke things on YouTube, they started advertising Chrome's dominance over Edge on video-watching battery life."

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... fantastic day so far. Beaker is pretty much confirmed dead for me - it can't connect to the network at all.
I really don't want to wipe all my Beaker data, but here goes nothing...

Unfortunately had barely any free time to properly work on anything today, hence sorry for the silence.

If everything goes well, I'll resume work on finishing up Rotonde 0.5.0 after some sleep.

@neauoire Why didn't you warn me that ORCA can be addictive? I've spent my free time today almost exclusively playing around with it (didn't record or save anything though), and it's fantastic!
There are definitely still a few quirks (f.e. F not doing what it says in the readme), but I'm already excited.

If I can find enough time, I'll try to add MIDI CC support.

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Last Mastodon complaint for a while:
It's nice to see .gif support, but I'm also saddened by the lack of .svg support.

I wish Mastodon would mark replies as replies. Seeing random @ mentions without any context feels wrong. Is it just me?

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I've spent some of my free time earlier this month reconsidering what my website should _be._

- Dropped the entire "blog" thing because that fell silent anyway.
- Moved all descriptions from tooltips up front.
- Removed the live background, which got me compliments but decreased readability.

I'm still not done, but at least for once, I'm satisfied.

I miss the times when I didn't overthink every word I wrote, when I didn't fear the possible negative reaction said words could invoke, when I didn't care about what others want me to work on and when I didn't write "I" as often as I do now.

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