can't wait to save enough money to go to the woods

who would've thought, open source is infected by all those giant corps and seems to be the rule nowadays, free software movement is dead mostly because of rms

does anyone know if it's possible to render images on cgit's readme?

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I think that people largely forget that a forge (i.e. somewhere you thrown your code on it) should be a read-only experience.

The interactiveness of it, should happen on open protocols (and therefore on any medium you want) like email.

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I think that's what Einstein said the first time he saw the double-slit experiment.

Tomorrow will happen an electricity maintenance or some shit like that on my street, so the whole street won't have power for the entire day, the company's office is closed because of covid, so I guess I'll have a day-off 🎉

my thinkpad is dying, which is probably normal for a 9y old laptop being used everyday... anyways, everything is expensive as fuck right now because of the chip shortage and crypto miners so I don't know what to do...

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I'd like to add multiple buffers support to `illud` but I don't really know where to start lol

should i buy le nintendo switch lite or le nintendo switch

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you know what's a great album? the donnie darko soundtrack

That's weird, I'm really liking to use Windows 10 with native M$ stuff, the integration between email, calendar, notes, etc. Is really cool...

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