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When I read the 100r blog posts, I actually hear @rek 's voice in my head. Very curious considering this doesn't usually happen when reading anything else, it's normally just my voice. 🤔

Finally trying out toot (mastodon cli). It's great, I like it a lot :)

Huh, years later I finally have an account on (~dustin).

The reason I found @tildetown was because I was looking for an alternative when I couldn't get in club. I'm so glad I ended up on town, but I'm excited to get in club and see what is going on in there as well.

At my day job I have to use Windows since we are a C# shop. I've now started doing C# for freelance work as well, so I pretty much never get to boot into linux anymore.

I forget how much better of an experience this is. Built by me to serve my needs.

I really like this site (found on the webring) -

It displays information in a beautiful mesh of chaos and order. I really like the idea of creating experimental ways to view data online. Personal sites are a good place to do that. I'd like to take some time to experiment with my own site.

I also just noticed that the title of the tab that site is loaded in is constantly cycling through the posts on the page, which is an amusing touch.

I just found the xxiivv webring wiki here -

Amazing, there are so many interesting things in there I want to look at!

Ah I see a lot of people here are at XOXO. I wanted to go to that (I live in Spokane, WA, so not too far), but I couldn't go due to a lot of personal stuff. I'll try to make it next year :)

Hello Merveilles!

I'm a software engineer with an interest in art, both analog and digital.

I've been in and out of Mastodon for a while now, while I was going through somewhat of an identity crisis / mid-life crisis. I'm in a better place mentally now, and am glad to be part of this instance!


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