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@dfr Don't use React at all lol. I mean it's just for making user interfaces, right? Time spent learning React could be better spent just building the interface yourself.

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I'm so behind in catching up with my mailbox, just reached emails from 2017.

What's your preferred way to keep API keys securely stashed when preparing your website ready for production?
I need to stash IG, Youtube and probably Facebook keys and I want to keep the site as minimal as possible regarding plugins and frameworks etc.
Keeping it JS only wasn't an option as I need a back-end too or is there a way I haven't discovered yet?
I'm currently checking out Django with Python but it feels bloated...

My work for ( has almost come to an end. Do you need help with a website?
Looking for freelance remote work, design & full stack dev.


What do you guys use to plug into RSS feeds?
cc: @neauoire

I've come to the conclusion it's not possible to keep an API key safe solely with front-end. Any preferences when it comes to making a POST request with Javascript?

Released myself of most of my material belongings and gave up the contract to my appartment in Belgium. Skated 44 hours last week. Spend my first week working on my skate profile in Spain. Got one usable clip. Next stop Prague.

My skate crew, 'Kapot' entered the Grind Challenge, a crazy checklist of skate related challenges you have to fulfill and catch on camera in a few weeks time to stack points.
I mashed it up here:

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Hard to find a style of finish I like for this comic, but I think I found it. Better contrast, few greys.

Monthly session I organise with a friend and our skate crew 'Kapot' ('Broken' in Dutch). Here's the recap of number 3 a few months ago:

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@rek through which service did you let the oquonie stickers get printed? I want to make some of my own for my skate crew.

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Mt Hobson track, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.

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