How do other people feel about keeping their passwords in tools like 1password etc? Apparently that's the way to go, but it feels strange to give all your pws to one app you don't control yourself.

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@7047741 Totally agree. That's why I'm using KeePassXC, so I can benefit from a password manager without handling them to a 3rd party. And if you want to sync them between machines, you can use SyncThing, sor example.

@xuv @7047741

Slowly working toward migrating away from RoboForm.

@teknari @xuv @7047741 Been using BitWarden for all my passwords for a year or so and its great. Totally open source, you can host it yourself if you want or use their servers and it has apps for all the platforms.

@7047741 I know what you mean. I prefer to use a password manager that doesn't do any kind of cloud storage, for that reason— I can at least say to myself, "my passwords are in one place, on Earth, and I control that".

Also, macOS has the Keychain Access app, so if you're already trusting a megacorp with your operating system security, it's not too much of an escalation to trust them with your passwords...?

Or we can write our own password storage apps 😅

@rezmason I think the better one is still writing them down on paper and locking 'em up somewhere haha

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