Where do people put their address as a digital nomad? My parents want me to take up an address of my own but I don't have a place of my own.. Also need it for my company.

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@7047741 A Post Office box? Estonia? (I seem to remember estonia doing some things to make their legal system amenable to non-nationals)

@faun Amazing, thank you. It solves my letters problem. But I doesn't solve my 'company headquarters' problem :(

@7047741 I don't know where you are in the world but in the UK all you need to register a company is an address to receive tax forms and other official documents.

There are business centres that offer that, so maybe you could get one in the town your folks are in and ask them to check it every few weeks?

@drisc I'm Belgian. Thanks for getting me on a track, I will research.

@drisc Searched for it. A business centre is for renting an office? I'm not renting anything soon and I don't have a room I rent either. Sometimes I sleep in the streets.

@7047741 Hmm, the business centre that a friend of mine uses has a wall of letterboxes and he just rents one of those. It's essentially a PO Box in a lobby. Maybe look for "business PO Boxes"?

@drisc Okay, so I found something like a virtual office you can rent but it's really expensive.

@7047741 You could try asking an advisor at a BPost office about using a PO Box with them?

@drisc in their disclaimers it says you can't put your headquarters address at this PO Box address :(

@7047741 I have a private mailbox in New Orleans that is my "official residence" I pay 18$ a month for it and it is on all of my official documents. It is not a P.O. box. You have to use a private postal company if you want to use it on official documents in the US but I am not sure about Europe in the case.

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