Released myself of most of my material belongings and gave up the contract to my appartment in Belgium. Skated 44 hours last week. Spend my first week working on my skate profile in Spain. Got one usable clip. Next stop Prague.

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@7047741 Sounds very freeing. Will you write some thoughts about the tradeoffs of living apartment life versus... what are you doing now? Street life?

@stephen Street life with some periods at friends' places and airbnbs, living out of my backpack, a cote de ciel obsidian nile which has been in service for about 3 years now.

@stephen I work as a freelance developer making websites for now:
Hope to be a cybersec kind of type some day.

@stephen Freeing to say the least. I have been living out my backpack for the last year actually. Spain, Australia, Tenerife, Israel, Chile ...
It would've been stupid to keep on paying for an appartment which I wasn't making use of anyways.

@7047741 This kind of life sounds appealing to me lately, admittedly I am probably romanticizing it in my head.

Did you take a leap to become nomadic, or was it a gradual thing?

@stephen I still had my appartment last year but already lived out of my backpack for a year. The year before I traveled less but I have always been traveling a lot since I was 2 years old. I have visited every continent but the poles and been in America for over 20 times since then.
I'm really good at being alone. The only steady friend most of the time are my skates or surfboard. But like I said, the rollerblading community is instant best friends wherever you go.

@stephen Having a laptop with me sucks for sleeping outside or going days out skating/surfing, so I always have a place where I can hide it safely.

@stephen As a rollerblader you instantly have friends, wherever you go. A small but very tight knit community.

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