I see so many people here that produce so many different kinds of cool and creative things and I want to know what the work methodology is to make it happen.

What's everyone's fix for carving out the time when you have several time-intensive interests?

I've been trying to make a habit of committing time each day to web dev, visual art, and music, but it seems inevitable that at least one of them doesn't happen after a while. Life gets busy. What do you do? What's your schedule?


@luxpris I also took up the minimalist lifestyle. The less stuff the more time! More time to skate haha. I only have a backpack, a laptop, 2 sets of clothes, my skates and a repair kit and sometimes my surfboard/wetsuit with me. Oh and an e-reader!

@7047741 hell yes! I'm a vandweller but I'm currently stationary in Minneapolis while I sort out some family stuff. I'm at an apartment but I'm living out of a suitcase. All I have for entertainment outside of my laptop is a small stack of books. It's the life though. Not more I realistically need. It's true that accumulating "stuff" can sink your soul.

Plus the only disaster scenario is death. When you have few possessions there is less that anyone could take away.

@luxpris and nature bro, best 'entertainment'. Altho' the word does sound demeaning in this case.

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