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Angelic Process — Weighing Souls With Sand. 2007
A Hawk & A Hacksaw — You Have Already Gone To The Other World. 2013
Seven Ark — Noise Of The New. 2005
山崎ハコ — 人間まがい. 1979
Barbara — Le Soleil Noir. 1970

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@neauoire Amazing that this advice applies both to sailing and to life, learning, and growth in general

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I'm looking for a plain simple operating system source code that will run on qemu(aimed at ARM release) — That will interpret basic lisp code. I've been trying to work off Interim OS but the sources are a bit of a mess, and mostly broken.

Could anyone lend me a hand?

Where do people put their address as a digital nomad? My parents want me to take up an address of my own but I don't have a place of my own.. Also need it for my company.

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Game making tip: all the rules are predicated on commercialism. There's no wrong way to make games and unless you're trying to run a business there's very little value in listening to any established design advice.

I wonder if there are more people who combine hacking and skating :(

How do other people feel about keeping their passwords in tools like 1password etc? Apparently that's the way to go, but it feels strange to give all your pws to one app you don't control yourself.

What's the best place to put a language selector on a website?

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fuck popups
fuck ads
fuck cookies
fuck tracking
fuck sharing buttons
fuck comments
fuck social widgets
fuck related posts

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Confirmshaming: The act of guilting the user into opting into something. The option to decline is worded in such a way as to shame the user into compliance.

Forced Continuity: When your free trial with a service comes to an end and your credit card silently starts getting charged without any warning.

Friend Spam: The product asks for your social media permissions under the pretence it will be used for a desirable outcome, but then spams all your contacts in a message.

Need code reviews
Anyone feel like mentoring a noob?
Or is there a dope place where I can post projects for feedback

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Gathered some notes, and wrote a blog post about Leleuvia, a small island in Fiji that we went to last September (2018).

I've many more documents with notes, for posts I want to write.

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"Software teams can reduce the environmental impact of device manufacturing, even if they don’t make devices themselves. Durable software not only saves the expense of frequent product overhauls; it also reduces the temptation of unnecessary device upgrades. Why buy a new handset when the old one works just fine?"

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