trippy + technically impressive 3d graphics on the gba version of driv3r. Would love to know what sort of engine this is

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@CUSTOMROBO I'm guessing raycast. The weird texture stretching looks like vertex coordinates being clamped to screen edges, combined with affine texture sampling

@CUSTOMROBO there's a bunch of really great late-generation GBA games that did similar 3D like this, the common internet guess is that it's all raycasting engines like DOOM, Wolfenstein, etc. Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed and Stuntman are two other impressive examples. They're both developed by the same team, same engine, i'd guess. Stuntman has a lot of missions taken straight out of the PS2 game.

Some cool demos:

@rrix really good article, will definitely check out more by the author :)

@CUSTOMROBO I think "Stop Skeletons From Fighting" on youtube did a series about 3D GBA games (that included that game and a few others by the same devs) as part of their "Punching Weight" series.

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