Is there such a thing as (or any plans for) a Fediverse Calendar app/functionality? I see a lot of open jitsie meets, book clubs, film nights, lectures and other online gatherings, but no way to save the date and trigger a reminder. @Gargron Would be useful natively within Mastodon. Anyone else agree?

Just stumbled upon this girl group from the 70s. Crackin little number this. Never knew this group existed.

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Set the groove
Then stick and move like I was Cassius
Rep the stutter step
Then bomb a left upon the fascists

Had an anxiety dream in which I was being pursued through darkened streets by a monster truck with garish red Coca-Cola livery... Not explicitly audible but nevertheless implied was the following familiar refrain: "Holidays are coming... Holidays are coming." ๐Ÿ˜ณ

On my lunch break and just discovered that Keiren Hebden is currently live streaming a DJ Set... Nice.

So glad I borked my Mediawiki install. Would never have discovered this otherwise. Love it!

Life Cycle of Motivation/Creativity .

1. Inspiration
2. Self Education
3. Implementation
4. Computer Problems/Obstacles.
5. GOTO 2

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those of you who have expiring toots ("all toots expire after N weeks") how do you do that? is it a setting on the toots themselves, on your instance, or do you use some external script?

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Well done Channel 4. Great US election coverage... I'm sure nobody will notice.

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Started hosting a private wiki to use as a personal knowledge base and to track my little software design and python stretch projects. TBF: All projects are stretch projects at this point.

Hmm. Currently perplexed by the apparent lack of any option to post to Instance Only. Am I missing something or...?

Wow... Boris' statement : "The USA is our closest ally and I look forward to working closely with them on shared priorities." Talk about lukewarm.

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One of the great delights of this decade is Scarfolk, Richard Littler's long-running art-project about a English horror-town trapped in an endless, looping Thatcherite decade, whose artifacts are pitch-perfect comments on our own daily lives.


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