Hi all. I'm a musician and recent Linux audio convert, currently working on new material (after a long hiatus). I'm also developing/self-hosting my first website (more on that soon), attempting vegetarianism, collecting a private cache of unpublished philosophical essays, trying to turn a somewhat idiosyncratic narrative theory into a practical screen writing system, obsessively researching transitory fascinations, and forgetting to meditate.

Hit me up if this resonates.


@ClearMask welcome to Merveilles! It’s good to have you ^^

@tomupom Good to be here, Tom. Thanks for the warm welcome. :-)

@ClearMask > forgetting to meditate.

That definitely resonates.

Welcome to the town!

@neauoire Enchanté... Have admired this instance from afar for some time. Look forward to joining in the fun. :-)


Oh yes, I'm adding you and your wonderful weirdness to my timeline.

@RussSharek I'm starting over and have sadly removed my old material from soundcloud, but stay tuned. New material (and old unreleased stuff) coming soon.


Looking forward to it.

Check out bandcamp if you're looking for a new host.

@ClearMask welcome! I'm curious to hear more about the website and your music.

@luxpris Hey Josh. The website is currently a 2nd rate Facebook clone made using WordPress but my aim for this year is to rebuild it as a Federated netlabel/Music forum. Will see where that goes. I'm fickle, so I may just wipe the server and use it to run Freedombox or host a Funkwhale instance! Currently refining my home studio and will be posting music in due course.

@luxpris P.S. Love the sound you're getting on Luxury Prison. Consider yourself followed. :-) Great band /project name too. Is that you on vocals? What's your production environment?

@ClearMask nice! What kind of music do you do?

And thanks for the kind words. I didn't focus too much on music this past year because of a lot of changes in my personal life, so it's nice when strangers listen. This year will be different!

Yes, I do the vocals. Most of the stuff released thus far is self-produced in Renoise. A few of the newer songs were recorded analog at a local studio, but doing it all DIY feels a lot more validating.

Best of luck on your website idea.

@luxpris I've experimented w/ most genres tbh but am hoping to focus on writing more traditional songs for live instruments this year. My vibe is kind of alt-folk. Think sotto voce vocals and an acoustic guitar. However, I also have some EDM and mathrock projects on the back burner. Hoping to focus more this year and see a few things to completion. That being said, I'm now being seduced by the prospect of learning Orca and having some fun with old school style trackers. Meh. Wadda ya gonna do?

@ClearMask nice. Well once you finish some tunes feel free to let me know and I'll give it a listen.

You'll have a lot of fun with ORCA if you choose to venture down that rabbit hole. In my workflow it's a really good tool for doing generative soundscapes.

@luxpris Cheers mate. Will definitely be sharing stuff here in time and opening things up to collaboration if there are any takers. Will keep you posted.

@ClearMask howdy from Texas. I can help you with your website, if by self-hosting you mean finding a webhost provider. My blog is - glad to virtually connect.

@ClearMask That sounds very much like you'll fit right in at Mervelles. (Which I just realized I can't spell because I try to pronounce it in French and therefore my brain tr... don't do French while learning Finnish, it warps your brian in odd ways.)

I'm interested in the music part and any posts that find my way, but not adding you directly at this time because you'll just get buried under the things I need to organize better in my timeline.

Just know I'm interested, and am glad you've joined to share, but have things to sort out here first (:

@wolf480pl @unfa Thanks for the pointer. I'm actually acquainted with Unfa's many helpful videos. He was my Go To when first getting set up. Waddup @Unfa. Think I read you were sick. Hope you're feeling a bit better. Get well soon.

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