Can anyone recommend a decent tutorial on manually coding RSS feeds? Trying to add one to my unfinished personal website. Should be easy right? An xml file and a few lines of code in the Index page. So why the hell won’t my feed reader import/display the content of the pages it’s listing?

@ClearMask I think I followed the RSS spec for mine: It's not a tutorial, but it'll give you an idea of the sorts of fields and values that are allowable.

@ClearMask i don’t think that is a thing feed readers typically do.

you might have read a tutorial that advised you to just link to the blog posts. and that’s how rss started. but most people find that irritating and make feeds that contain the entire content of the posts

@zens Oh... Interesting! Ha. So what I’m used to seeing in my feed reader is encoded in the xml rather than pulled from the url in the link field?.. Hmm... Guess I was doing it right after all then! Thanks.

@ClearMask there are *some* feed readers that will go ahead and pull in the web page, but only after you’ve clicked the link or configured it to , i guess, detect when it’s just a link and automatically assume you’re gonna click it

@ClearMask but the tension there is, then you’re looking at an ordinary web page complete with whatever distracting attention getting bullshit the author has put into their template.

some people who publish RSS feeds have (or had, when i was into RSS) an attitude that they need you to look at their ad bullshit so they can make money off their website, so would only put exerpts in the rss feed.

which, IMO defeats the appeal of RSS: stripping away all the BS and just reading

@zens Agreed. And notifications of course. But yeah. Just need to get back into writing again now so all of this isn’t for nought!

@hs0ucy Thanks man. I’ll take a look. Appreciate the links. 👍

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