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Howdy, I'm Elijah One and I'm some sort of human, assumedly. That's not important. Don't worry about it.

I like writing and also making things in general. Such things are available for viewing at ELJ1.CO. I'd like to make more games and art and so on, but I'm sorely lacking in practice.

I also like: Gods, Ruins, Humans, Ecology, Culture, History, Religion, Obscure Knowledge of All Shades, the Overlaps Between the Above Subjects, and other things of that nature.

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There have been proposals for constructing an artificial sun, but the outcome is uncertain. Some say that it would achieve enlightenment, and burn forever. Others insist that it would bootstrap itself up to omnipotence, and wink out of existence entirely.

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The intelligence of fire elementals corresponds to their size. Candle flames are about as smart as moths. Hearth-fires have the brains and personality of dogs. Forest fires are brilliant philosophers, eloquent and witty.

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Alright, I decided to set up my own instance! I'm over at @ELJ1 now!

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train personalities

public trams: cute, friendly, down to earth

commuter metro light rail: focused, organized, reliable

commuter metro heavy rail: grizzled, strong, want them on your side in a fight

inter city traditional rail: really into fitness and health

inter city high speed rail: your friend who is fashionable and everyone has a crush on

Alright, I decided to set up my own instance! I'm over at @ELJ1 now!

world history is extremely fun to read because it really drives home the point that no country has ever had any idea what they're doing ever.

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Politics is, in essence, just an ascended form of schadenfreude. It's endlessly entertaining as long as it's not happening to you.

Dotgrid is apparently pretty good for making Goetia seals with!

Here's Buer's, Teacher of Moral and Natural Philosophy as well as the Logic Art, the Virtues of Plants and Herbs, and Healer of All Distempers in Man. Quite fitting for Merveilles!

Solarpunk but with 50s aesthetic instead of Art Noveau

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Think neo-50s aesthetics but instead of it being a fallout style wasteland, everyone is still alive and the planet is still habitable.

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The 2050s will see a doo-wop and general 50's aesthetic resurgence, mirroring the renewed economic prosperity in the US brought about by socialist reform and the creation of millions of new jobs combatting and reversing the effects of climate change.

I wanna see a hard sci-fi movie with an entirely doo-wop soundtrack. I wanna see a beat up spaceship float through the void while "I Only Have Eyes For You" plays.

What's a good, cheap, lightweight laptop? I'm probably only going to be using it for typing and internet, I have a desktop for more heavy duty stuff. It HAS to be able to work when not connected to the internet tho, so not a Chromebook.

Finished reading Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, fun and pulpy. Good if you like urban fantasy legal thrillers about hell lawyers reincarnating dead gods.

I love snow because it completely changes the color palette of the world, even the light has a new and different quality because now it's being reflected from everywhere.

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Open ended question: what are the Ten Triumphs?

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did I ever post the boulder room

the idea is, it's a room where you go to appreciate the boulder

Prayer wheels have always fascinated me because they're essentially automation technology applied to religious ceremony. Same technology as windmills or waterwheels, but turning energy into devotion.

In case any of you needed to brush up on your Hat and Parasol Flirtations

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