Small thing but added "Always on Top" support and "Resize Window to Fit Image" action to VoidView. Great for using as a reference while creating in another app!

Think all that's left is some refactoring + bugfixing before pushing 1.3.

Decided to take a deeper dive into fixing old issues with VoidView and making it a polished product.

Not released yet, but now supports displaying images in their original resolution, dragging images out of the app to save a copy and more.

I started getting into the habit of listening to audiobooks while playing Civ5 (as Shoshone because of dat territory bonus).

There's probably a more-fitting audiobook I can listen to while playing this instead. Maybe re-listen to Shogun while playing as Japan?

Deus Ex, but instead of NWO, Illuminati and FEMA, Denton has to deal with Facebook, crypto billionaires and flat earthers.

Wrote a thing about my thoughts on the game industry’s adoption of increasingly-exploitative business practices that are being used on customers:

Slowly getting back into writing. Don't have the layout to put these on my site yet, so I’ll just gist them until that time.

I wrote about my separation between work and leisure as a freelancer here:

How do people set up their ruby dev env these days? My old combo of ruby-build + chruby doesn't seem to work on macOS anymore.

Going to Beyond Tellerrand in Berlin this November. Planning on making that a tent-pole for a larger Euro trip! Maybe I’ll see you around?

Waiting to see Combichrist perform but can already “feel” them practicing from the coffee shop above the venue…

@nikivi Didn’t realize you’re on here. Love your Knowledge wiki, gave me lots to think about.

Time for a mini-sabbatical. Working 2-3 days a week while leaving the rest for reading, travel and creating. Looking forward to the rest of the fire season.

Pushed a minor release of my image viewer app for macOS, VoidView. Just some aesthetic tweaks including a new icon.

Before Rendezvous in Japan I’ll be heading to Singapore for a week and need to figure out where to stay. Any suggestions of places reasonably close to MRT?


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