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Some words about me.

I'm a frontend developer, mainly working with React Native. I'm interested with all the creative coding, generative pattern and randomize.

Also I'm into making music. I've done some of them with my Pocket Operator-20. I love all the tiny hardware. If you are interested I can share my soundcloud with you.

Recently I try to focus on myself, refocus on what's matter the most to me, create things, not hiding my emotions... Sadly, I haven't done many things actually !

My wife told me that after she got her new diploma, we can go live in an other country. It's a dream that I have since many years... Starting to work in freelance or in a creative studio, speaking a new language, being outside of my confort zone. .. Don't know where, little scared in fact ahah. Don't know if we will do it... But it's exciting!

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I really want to get rid of this notion of "project" and focus on the day to day creation, the wips, the failure, because I mostly never finish project because of lack of time or ressources and I don't want those things to get lost like a los certainly did

Four days with my family. I finished Everything that remain by The minimalists. A good way to learn how to buy less stuff and how to focus on what's important for us. I learned many things and I already started to change things in my life. I'm finishing a Star wars book that I got offered more than a year ago with Thrawn. A very good trilogy.

No computer available, I've many times to think... I want and I will finish what I have started, first thing blog's wife.

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Just hit the remove goals from your life chapter in The minimalist's book. It's funny how this book resonate in me.
Since few months, I try to do things because I like doing it and not because I've put a goal on it. For exemple, I tried the 100daysofcode, or drawing everyday, this king of stuff. And each time I quit because I'm more obsessed by I have to do it than I want. And it's stressful.
Just enjoy what you are doing, do it for you, and not for the pressure that comes from everywhere...

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@neauoire community lain stream party? 🤔

Blanket forts setup around the world for lain day?

Can't wait the new update Beyond of No Man's Sky. They did such an awesome work on the last updates. Real multiplayers with hub, farms, logic... Merveilles clan in No Man's Sky ?

Little update of this evening. Started the Forces chapter. Here's my last sketch. There's a little gravity force and a wind pointing to the right.

I'm still using p5.js. I don't want to disperse myself with Quil, Lisp and others things. I'm focusing on p5.js and The Nature of Code ! I know it's one of my problem to start many things at once not finish them. So one thing at a time ! I want to refocus myself on less things but done to the end.

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I've to develop in interface with multiple animations, scrolls, swipe for my work. I've never done this kind of interface so I'm really hype and happy to learn new things, even if it's challenging. I hope the result will be smooth and nice to use for the user.

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If you want to liberate your Amazon ebooks from the tyranny of DRM then there is a great program called De-DRM that has a plug-in for Calibre which will strip it out when you import them.

It works on Kobo and other stores DRM as well, which is great if you want to read them on a Kindle or literally anything else.

I start reading Land of Lisp. Very fun, if all the programmation book were like that, it would be perfect! I'll translate the Lisp in ClojureScript. Some little difference, discover ash in Lisp that is very useful. >> in Javascript and bit-shift-right in ClojureScript! Beyond learning a new language, it very interesting to learn new things function, concept. I want to use ClojureScript to use Quil after and use processing, to complete the Nature of Code. Long road ahead!

In spite of having a Master degree's in computer science, I've never heard of Lisp. I see many posts from @neauoire talking about it and I did some research, and each time, it says that it's one of the most important programming language, learn it and it will change the way of seeing programmation...

I'm really curious ! I feel a little dumb to not know that if it's so important on my domain (not sure of the word) ! But I'll made more research and learn the basics to satisfy my curiosity !

I have a almos dog, pseudo running after a pseudo bone !

My knowledge atm are pretty basics, I know basic stuff about vector but it's something !

I hope you're doing well !

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Seeds are emitted each second at (S*ɸ*2𝛑)radian

Because ɸ is not rational (in fact, it's the *least* rational number), the display is always unique (within margin of error)

This is the Golden Clock Wow ! When you want to make chiptune but tracker is not your thing.

Saw a beautiful sailing ship on my way to work this morning. I've never saw one as big as this one. I can't imagine the price !

Being late because of a ship. I love my city <3

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