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Hello! Si vous comprenez le français et que vous souhaitez des recettes ou conseils pour manger végétarien ou vegan. On a enfin mis notre blog en ligne!
J'espère que ça vous plaira, n'hésitez pas si vous avez des retours. Fier de cette étape ! 🔥🔥

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Some words about me.

I'm a frontend developer, mainly working with React Native. I'm interested with all the creative coding, generative pattern and randomize.

Also I'm into making music. I've done some of them with my Pocket Operator-20. I love all the tiny hardware. If you are interested I can share my soundcloud with you.

Recently I try to focus on myself, refocus on what's matter the most to me, create things, not hiding my emotions... Sadly, I haven't done many things actually !

Next week I'm on holiday and it's the lockdown here. I'd like to develop a little program. Something simple, not for the long term. Maybe a game of life, I've never did that, I don't know, if you have some ideas, I'm open to suggestion :D

It's done, in 2month I'll quit my job to an other ! A good decision but with some pressure ! I'll be in charge of the frontend side (no problem) and the ux/ui too, something I'm really interested in but with not much experience. 2month to learn many thing and be ready ! But it's great I have the feeling that it's a great decision I made.

Hii ! I hope everyone is going well. It's been a long time since I post, many change are happening to me right now. All for the best but less time to side projects ahah. Love on you !

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