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Learning the basics of drawing ! I'm following Brent Eviston's course on SkillShare. 8 week lesson with exercice everyday. I'll keep this post up to date to journalize my journey. Here's my first exercises; Learning to draw light shapes and circles. Habits and training are the key !

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Hello! Si vous comprenez le français et que vous souhaitez des recettes ou conseils pour manger végétarien ou vegan. On a enfin mis notre blog en ligne!
J'espère que ça vous plaira, n'hésitez pas si vous avez des retours. Fier de cette étape ! 🔥🔥

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Some words about me.

I'm a frontend developer, mainly working with React Native. I'm interested with all the creative coding, generative pattern and randomize.

Also I'm into making music. I've done some of them with my Pocket Operator-20. I love all the tiny hardware. If you are interested I can share my soundcloud with you.

Recently I try to focus on myself, refocus on what's matter the most to me, create things, not hiding my emotions... Sadly, I haven't done many things actually !

Trying to redesign all the basics apps on my phone could be a good exercice...

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I'm thinking a lot lastly. I'm learning many things but from too different fields. I'll focus on user interface and development. That's the more important for me, I'm not happy with my skills atm. So I'll change that! First step new website, to put my work. And after that I'll create some interface for prototypes and maybe develop them, not sure tho. I'm making a list of books, websites, what I need to learn, color theory, typography, composition... If you have some advices I'm open!

@znnavigator @grafofilia @aynish Hello ! Have you some ideas of a good book to draw ? In mind I had Ender's Game by Orson Card or Fondation By Asimov. But maybe you'll have some better ideas ! Or something easier.

Just discover the term of Doomscrolling - Scrolling infinitely on any service or social media. It's the main things that made me quit Twitter.

Hi ! To the people who likes to draw, I have an idea ! Every week, we read a chapter from a book and from it we are making one drawing. And we exchange our different vision / result. I don't expect to do beautiful things but I think it's a good way to use our imagination ! What do you think ?

I've created an automated save system for one of my website. I used rclone to upload a website archive to my Google Drive. I still need to export a dump of the database. It's a little thing but I've got some motivation to work on again! Many ideas to develop.

It's a noob question but is there some way or alternative network instead of internet that can be accessible? Internet is great but technically if you don't have an internet provider, even if you do some open source you are block. Is there something that everyone can have without a provider? I don't know if it's clear. And possible?

Both jobs are almost at the same place. I don't have informations about salary at the moment. My choices is leaving my job where I'm minimal good to something different but maybe better and more challenging... It's a hard decision.

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I have a hard choice to make. I've got a job offer from an old colleague to be responsible of all the front part of their application, (web, mobile, backoffice...). Nothing is done, so there's much to do, including recruting others people. So that's choice n°1. And at my job, they finally gave me the responsibilities I asked for... But I still have the feeling that there's not much I can do by myself and that I'm "stuck" but the app we develop interest me more...

Drawing on the right side of the brain is a amazing book to learn how to draw !

I started working again on my video game project, that's great. I try to change my way of thinking, if everyday I tell myself, I must do this, at the end I lost all the motivation. Instead I do more what I need or want to do. During the lasts months I've not read or playing video games so much because I tried to focus on too much things at the same time. I need them in my life, it's how I generate my motivation to create my own world too. Maybe I'll do less things but during more time.

What a perfect evening yesterday ! We started working on a our garden and after that longboard along the beach for 4km. It feels SO good to ride again !

J'ai aussi le feeling d'avoir voulu quelqu'un que je ne suis peut être pas. Mon objectif était plus de faire des choses pour qu'on "me regarde" plus que par plaisir et ce n'est pas bon. J'apprécie énormément tout ce que je vois ici mais je ne suis peut être pas pareil, et ce n'est pas un mal, je suis juste moi. J'avance à mon rythme et je créerai mes propres choses et mon univers.

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Je post moins en ce moment, encore une fois j'ai essayé d'en faire trop pour moi. J'ai voulu apprendre trop de choses en même temps plutôt que de prendre mon temps et j'ai épuisé mon stock de motivation... pour finalement arriver dans ces zones sombres où il n'y a plus aucune envie. Ca fait plusieurs jours que je n'ai pas développé, travaillé sur mon jeu, dessiné... Il faut que je trouve le bon équilibre entre faire une activité tous les jours et continuer à y prendre du plaisir.

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