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Hello! Si vous comprenez le français et que vous souhaitez des recettes ou conseils pour manger végétarien ou vegan. On a enfin mis notre blog en ligne!
J'espère que ça vous plaira, n'hésitez pas si vous avez des retours. Fier de cette étape ! 🔥🔥

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Some words about me.

I'm a frontend developer, mainly working with React Native. I'm interested with all the creative coding, generative pattern and randomize.

Also I'm into making music. I've done some of them with my Pocket Operator-20. I love all the tiny hardware. If you are interested I can share my soundcloud with you.

Recently I try to focus on myself, refocus on what's matter the most to me, create things, not hiding my emotions... Sadly, I haven't done many things actually !

What a great weekend... We came back with our house flooded. Look's like the neighbors forgots his water outside and it came inside our house through the wall... We've got relocated to the hotels for 2 nights but it's really stressful, my wife almost faint during the day. Tuesday I've an important presentation at work to the investors and Thursday we have the big 2nd echo to see if everything's fine. I haven't sleep this night. Looks like this week will be hard. Hope yours are better than mine!

Inktober 22 / 52
Done it directly with the ink pen. It was not easy to start on a blank page!

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@jrc03c Hey ! How are your fasting ? Are you keeping it ? Is the motivation back ? Have a good day !

@thomasorus I've finally start working with Chisai ! I've made some fix to have it generate the site on local on a Windows os. Do you want me to make some pull request ?

I'm discovering the pico8 scene... I want to try too but I've already so much things...

Inktober 21 / 52 - Swimming Pool
DraIng of the great Marc Rebillet! Some mistakes and improvements to do but love the result!

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We have to develop a native application at my job. I have to chose the technology to do it. I have some experience but my teammate are pretty beginner. I hesitate between Flutter and React Native... Have you some thought on that ? We don't have the ressource to do it on native for each platform sadly and we don't need that kind of performance.

I had my first singing class yesterday (That was great). My teacher told me that I've troubled to let my emotions out... My wife told me the same, That I'm not sharing or it feels like I'm feeling nothing or I don't care. I should work on that but I don't know what I could do...

I've started to play Va-11 Hall-A. Great ambiance, music, love the protagonist and the story so far. Seems like a great visual novel !

@thomasorus I've start reading the wiki of Chisai. It's really well done and easy to understand ! Good job. I won't have time to use it right now but I hope I will during the weekend. I haven't look how to change the template to include image on the home page yet but I'm sure it'll be really simple. Can't wait to try it !

Work of the day! We made some progress, clean and cover all the surface. We planted some salad, cucumber, tomatoes. Next plant soon this week I hope.

Everyone, I have a big news. I'm gonna be a daddy! I'm so happy. The date is scheduled for the 26th october. We'll know the gender in some weeks. I can't wait to tell him about everything I like. :tealheart: So this days, I have a little less time for myself Ahah

Tried Hugo, c'mon.... I can't even do the Getting started documentation, seriously.

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Everytime I want to dev for myself, I'll struggle against some frontend libraries... Everything's work, save, no more css I don't know why, restart the server, everything's okay. It's just so much time lost for nothing instead of coding rightaway... I'll check yours templates generator...

I'm working back on our cooking blog. I hope to finish it before the deadline of the cooking event !

Inktober 19/52 - Flow
One of my favorite so far. Not the most complicated but the longest I've done!

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