I start reading Land of Lisp. Very fun, if all the programmation book were like that, it would be perfect! I'll translate the Lisp in ClojureScript. Some little difference, discover ash in Lisp that is very useful. >> in Javascript and bit-shift-right in ClojureScript! Beyond learning a new language, it very interesting to learn new things function, concept. I want to use ClojureScript to use Quil after and use processing, to complete the Nature of Code. Long road ahead!

@Erjaeger I’ve been using Common Lisp for a few years, and fiddling with ClojureScript a lot lately. Their were some weird edges to ClojureScript that I haven’t been able to grok, but I’ve totally fallen in love with wisp

@Erjaeger I made a Game Of Life representation in Quil (clojure) for my students to see.
If you want to take a look:

@ekaitz_zarraga Oh that's really nice. I'm really impress by the number of lines you have in your project, it's really small. I don't understand everything atm but I'll definitely check that later when I'll be more fluent with Clojure.

@Erjaeger ClojureScript might not have multiple features from Common Lisp - for instance, cons cells, mutability by default, or an object system. Be cautious while translating between these two languages.

@phoe Oh okay, I'll keep a eye on that. Since on the Quil website they said it works on browser without a modification, I thought it was the same implementation.

@Erjaeger In general, Clojure and Common Lisp are quite different from each other. The first emphasizes functional programming while the latter is multi-paradigm.

@phoe Sorry I misread, I thought you said Clojure and ClojureScript.

Yes okay, I see what you mean. But I imagine I could do functional programming with ClojureScript even it's allow other paradigm ? It's still a little obscured to me.

@Erjaeger As far as I remember, some tasks from Land of Lisp require use of mutable data and Common Lisp Object System. These might be troublesome to solve with Clojure.

Maybe /r/lisp or #lisp on Freenode or #lisp on Mastodon will answer you better than me in this case.

@phoe Okay, thanks for the tips. I have to keep in mind that it's a good way to learn Common lisp and functionnal programming but if I really want to learn Clojure there's some better books out there.

@Erjaeger @phoe Well in ClojureScript you are expected to do functional programming since every data structure is immutable. To create mutable data structures check atoms. For Clojure I found Clojure for the Brave and True a very good book, and similarly enjoyable to Land of Lisp.

But don't ignore Common Lisp. For it's so much more expressive than Clojure, but that's a personal opinion.

@bendersteed @phoe Thank you for your message, I'll look all that ! Maybe I'll focus on Land of Lisp and learning Common Lisp for now. Learning one thing at once.

@Erjaeger Sounds awesome. I keep wishing there was a Clojure mode in the original Processing API!

ooooh I just downloaded this! was planning to start on it soon. would love to know what was your experience while reading it (I thought it was shorter!)

@f3r nice! I'm just at the beginning for now, but I'll make some update about my Lisp journey!

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