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Strike is now released!

It's a 1-bit web-based paint app with a 16-'color' palette made up of dither patterns. You can also import JPGs or PNGs to convert them into dithered, 1-bit images. It's also open source.


I just discovered my new favorite computer form factor.

Courtesy of @crt_bot@twitter

Even if I could not afford to ship one from Japan, I would at least love to own this keyboard one day.

HEAVY WIZARDRY does not have equipment per se. As the game takes place in VR, instead of equipment or spells, HW has programs and scripts.

So why not make the chapter about equipment an "ad" for in-universe software vendor?

I plan to delve into the program soon, as I love both the premise (an astronaut coming back to earth after 200 year mission finds the planet abandoned) and the presentation (player sits at a terminal and digs through a database to discover the story). Not to mention seeing an early example of using hypertext to tell a narrative.

Without access to the macintosh version (which I find most aesthetically appealing), I will need to choose a different platform. Will report back once I am done.

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With some help from users of macintoshgarden.org I managed to find a (only surviving?) screenshot of 1986 "game" Portal released by Activision.

Called the "first hypertext novel" the program was released on a selection of 1980s computers, but the Macintosh version was thought to have never been released. There is one confirmed sealed copy, but the mac version is yet to be archived.

↓ Everytime I want to design something ↓

Swiss Design Stars and Celebrities:
What Do They Know?
Do They Know Things??
Let's Find Out!

Just discovered that robots.management released rules to play INHUMAN CONDITIONS over video chat. That's on top of providing their game for free to print&play!

I guess it's time to i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶o̶g̶a̶t̶e̶ catch up with some quarantined friends and find out if they are robots. You know... for safety reasons (and not because I just want to make a print&play copy).

...just thought of another example: Fusion360.

It has a timeline that stores every action that was taken to make the final model. You can travel up and down the timeline seeing exactly how the object was made. You can also jump-in anywhere in the timeline, make changes and let the timeline complete to tweak the model.

I wish there was a vector illustration program that did that.

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Reading about malleable.systems got me thinking: If Hypercard lets you tweak other people's stacks, but not the program itself and is considered malleable, would something like PICO-8 also be one? If not, is there a term for such software?

PICO-8 (and other fantasy consoles, also Bitsy) lets you access/change the source code for any game made with it.

I love learning by "disassembling" others work, and would love to find more software from which I can learn that way. Any other examples?

Finally got to a point where I am happy with the character creation spread.

It is not as clean as others, but I couldn't find a better solution with the amount of information I am trying to squeeze in (I am not too precious with legibility on flavor text, but I want to keep game rules easy to find and read).

Testing some classic Macintosh Atkinson dithering for photos. Still quite readable at 100kb.

(here's the color version for comparison: imgur.com/tpqWoX6 )

I am currently working on HEAVY WIZARDRY - a tabletop rolepleying game about digital direct action and activism in a dystopian world. You play as virtual reality hackers hindering corporations to better your community.

The game is a thinly veiled critique of late stage capitalism, with an antidesign and an arcane 80s/early 90s computing aesthetic.

I hope to have it done and printed as a in May.

Hello World && Hello Merveilles!

I am part graphic designer, part artist, part hobby gamedev and generally an interdisciplinary journeyman. I am really good at standing on shoulders of giants and not finishing my personal projects.

I love minimalism, antidesign, and retro computing aestethic. I mis·use old tech to try to make new things.

I am very glad to add another "part" to my description - part of this community ; I want to see what you make and learn from you all.


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