Started writing down my mimeograph findings:

There's not much there yet, but writing it all down gave me some much needed clarity on how to proceed.

I couldn't get art supplies today, but I am hoping to make the trip in the next few days and finally start *cranking out* experiments.

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This wild red haired Frenchman from a XIX century ad for a mimeograph machine is my spirit animal ever since I have started researching the tech.

I mean, this is probably how people see me when I start talking about hand cranked copy machines 😆

Thanks to @danburzo I discovered MicroMarco, which pretty much is Where's Waldo / wimmelbilder art the game:

I had fun with the demo, but I think a there is more than can be done with creating games around wimmelbilder art.

Maybe something using procedural generation, or maybe turn it into a narrative/story tabletop RPG. Maybe both?

I should spend some time brainstorming games that can be played using pictures filled to the brim with stuff.

So, I recently discovered that in mid-century US there were fully functional toy printing presses - movable type and all.

Also, because it was before plastic overtook everything, they were all metal (well, tin) and quite stylish.

...I kinda want one.

more info here:

Art Rant 

While doing research on making stencils for the mimeograph I found this awesome, cheap and simple way of producing silkscreens by hand. It fits all the boxes and could be used for large editions (it would be more durable than waxed paper).

The process is described here under "Easy Silk Print"

There's a one small hiccup tho. It's only available in Japan 😩

I wish I knew what chemicals are in those 3 bottles, maybe I can "mix" them in US?

The got some needed cleaning and TLC. It's still a bit squeaky, but it's now feeding paper correctly. So that's a win.

Sadly, not much progress with making DIY stencils. Tested store bought wax paper with india ink and sponge brush to push it onto a page below, but that failed 😞

Not giving up yet on it as my "blind" using a pre-cut stencil also failed the india ink/sponge combo.

Next step is to source flannel for ink pads (I only have 1) and test on the device.

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60s mimeograph is the aesthetic mimeograph.

...but you can't beat the crank powered earlier/cheaper models ;)

Hey merveilles! I would love some help from someone who reads Japanese.

I am trying to figure out the item discussed on this page:

Basically I am looking for something comparable that I could get in US, but I am not sure what to ask/search for.

I think it is a kind of textured metal plate, but the English translation (file) is still a bit confusing. It can refer to the shape and size of a file as document or maybe file as a tool, referencing the grooves?

The Print-O-Matic came in today! Here's some first look observations:

* It's bigger than I expected (banana for scale)
* It's a bit squeaky, but seems to work fine
* It uses cloth on the drum as a kind of "ink sponge"
* The stencils are thinner and softer than I expected.
* It came with awesome extras like never-used "clip-art" stencils, a "tool" for shading/half-toning and an original 1963 proof of purchase!

Will post more once I have time to do some proper tests.

Few years ago I took a class on how to pastiche 80s ad airbrush style digitally and promptly started making a series about my favorite 80s computers.

I started with the c64, followed by a macintosh. Then stopped. Couldn't get myself to continue. I figured out why. I dislike the c64 piece. The composition is stale and there's a giant mistake front and center.

Today I decided to redo it. It's still WIP, but I'm having fun working on this series for the 1st time in years 🙂

Experimenting a bit more with dithers for my site.I am trying to keep the page size small, but maybe I am going too hard?

I am stuck between using the b&w version, which is only 16kb, but loses something by not having the color scheme and the 4 color one, which gives a much better idea of the original piece, but is a *whooping* 30kb.

I just need someone else's opinion: is the double the size worth it?

Inspired by @ajroach42's research, I ordered a 60s hand powered printing/copying machine - the Print-O-Matic A2G!

While I got it with a print project in mind, I think it would be really cool to try to make an open source version of it!

There is little info out there about this kind of machine (mimeograph), but given their simplicity I hope I will be able to back engineer it and create instructions on building and using your own.

Can't wait for it to get here!

Today I went down rabbit hole and found that there is some progress on repurposing (some) Kindle eink displays: !!!

This gives me hope that people will start recycling all those discarded e-readers 😃

Fingers crossed for more screen models to be added, I still hold onto my old nook with broken buttons hoping I can use the screen in some project.

I'm really into William Hope Hodgson's fascination with fungi.

Both "the Derelict" and "the Voice in the Night" are amazing horror short stories with weird mushroom.

They even inspired a 1963 Toho film: Matango (below). I will need to track down a copy because it looks amazing.

Now I am getting ready to tackle "The Boats of the Glen Carrig" as it promises more mushroom weirdness. We'll see if I can tackle a whole novel of Hodgson mimicking eighteenth-century prose 🤔

In other news, I have decided to allow an occasional dab of color on

Adding 2 extra colors to this dithered black&white photo makes a massive difference in readability, still fits with the aesthetic and costs only extra few kb (around 20% of the total size).

Whatever happened to the idiosyncratic industrial design for personal electronics from the 2000s?

They might not have been the most usable devices, but man, they were glorious.

Just stumbled upon and I think it's pretty cool.

It's a fully fledged lightweight website built inside a single html file, using anchor tags and :target css to show/hide different parts (no js!).

It's a cool proof of concept... and I think it could be pretty useful for someone who just wants to setup a simple website without messing with modern webdev. Just download html+css file, edit html to fit your needs, upload and you're done.

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