Today we were out of power for the whole afternoon. I come from a post Soviet country, but only power outages I experienced were in the US.

Privatized utilities - such a good idea -_-

One of the earliest games I remember is Donald Duck's Playground for c64. I gave it a spin yesterday and it still holds up!

Maybe it's because I am feeling a bit down recently, but I kinda want to make a game like this, but about gig economy: kind of Donald Duck's Playground + Papers Please. A commentary on late stage capitalism:

I love stumbling upon "relic" websites in the wild. They make me happy.

I was doing some research on early roleplaying (like D&D, but before D&D), and found this fine 1999 specimen.

I mean, there's nothing groundbreaking on it, but the "Best viewed in 800 x 600 resolution" disclaimer made me smile.

For the last two days I was deep in a rabbit hole of a new, hyper-minimalist, movement in RPG (Free Kreigsspiel Revolution). I basically play/run my games like this already, but it was really nice to discover a community with similar mindset. Especially for the discourse!

There is amazing depth of discussion, trying to understand, deconstruct, question and explore the medium - and I love it all!

Some people just can't handle that there are things in the wild that are not about *themselves*

Also, HTML being elitist is some shitty doublespeak. How is markup language more elitist than js, which is pretty much a full blown programming nowadays? Don't even get me started on full-stack.

I feel angry that you need to deal with people like this. I know you will email them back to try to show them your side of things. Just remember to not feed the trolls, if they turn out to be one.

Today I decided to stop using the word "google" as a term for internet search when talking or typing. Corrected myself like 3 times already.

It's a pointless action in a grand scheme of things, but it makes me feel better on a personal level to not give them the power to feel ubiquitous.

10/10 would recommend.

I am thinking of making a simple hardware project...

...and buying and hacking (open) a a new ready made device is cheaper than buying the parts and building one myself. By like 200%!

On top of that, the ready made device has more features! So now I can incorporate those into my project, or just leave them out.

This is crazy.

I am looking for advice on how to include an image gallery, while being low-bandwidth friendly.

I am working on and my dithered images just don't give the full effect.

Right now it's my best idea is a sub-page for gallery, with an "image-heavy" disclaimer. Not great for file organization with 11ty

I like @hxii 's approach - a tiny .js script for "click to load image" (see here:, but I don't want to start adding js to my site.

Today, I made mini pizzas with my SO using this little air oven gizmo we have. They came out nice with all the fresh basil I wanted. But, rolling even those small balls of dough in my apartment's kitchen with next to no counter space was not a fun experience.

I really wish one day I can own a house. With plenty of kitchen space. And a garden for growing my own food. And maybe a conservatory for some pretty plants that would not last outside. Oh, and a workshop.

I just want my own *space*

"Right now, all of the places we can assemble on the web in any kind of numbers are privately owned. And privately-owned public spaces aren’t real public spaces. They don’t allow for the play and the chaos and the creativity and brilliance that only arise in spaces that don’t exist purely to generate profit. And they’re susceptible to being gradually gaslighted by the companies that own them."

- #AnilDash

I just discovered that is making a phone!

While right now it is more of a development device than a consumer product it makes me really hopeful for the future.

In a perfect world I would like it to have a dock with hdmi and usb ports to turn it into a desktop on the go. Having a way of running android apps would also be nice, at least until a phone optimized linux app ecosystem matures.

Ok, my website now has few relatively finished "articles" that people can read, webring pull request added, I think I can move to the next phase:

Not feeling bad for adding all the "seedlings" to it, so it can really become the digital garden I envisioned.

You can see it all on: (CC welcome)

So heres the thing. People don’t host their own website as often now because the barrier has been raised up.

Tech wise is may not have been raised a huge amount but it’s been raised none the less. And the perception of the barrier to entry looks, to most people, to be very high.

To access the small web, begin by installing Rust(300mb).


What are some cool non-tech (and also not gaming) mastodon instances? Looking especially for niche communities.

I'm happy where I am, but I would like to know about some different places to recommend to people that are not already on mastodon based on their interests, if I stumble upon a connection :)

Seeing @exquisitecorp and @flip post about Pico-8 reminded me of *my* abandoned project (and the first "real' program I ever wrote). I should find time to finish it one day...

(moving gameplay gif below, best viewed by clicking on it, so it fits neatly on the screen and is not too blurred)

@am Do you know if there is there currently any way to translate plain html to gemini?

Somewhere down the I would like to also host my website on gemini, I am generating it with 11ty right now to create all the links and such, and it would be much nicer not have to change all the html by hand ;)

I have been doing research on digital gardens and websites in general (mostly because the task of adding all my projects to the website seemed daunting this week), and decided to create myself a little manifesto:

It's not perfect, but putting those thoughts into words made me happy and excited to work more on the site.

(CC welcome, on both the text and the site layout, even though it doesn't have much on it yet)

> The personal website is a somewhat mysterious animal that lives mostly unobserved in the jungle of the Internet. [...] inexperienced users may consider the personal website to be either extinct, like brontosaurus, or a myth, like Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. The truth is that many specimens exist in the wild, but in order to successfully hunt the personal website, a hunter must know the habits of this species well.


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