This thread between @lrhodes & @glyph is giving me life.

I love seeing people share their passion and knowledge, and identifying fungi made me all kinds of nostalgic.

Back in Poland, foraging for mushroom would be a family pastime. We would drive to the forest on the weekend and pick edible mushroom, then make stews, soups or pierogi with them.

I miss that. I moved to US and fungi are all different here - I don't know what's safe to pick. I should change that.

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i imagine it must be very difficult to lose part of your identity like that; to be separated from the land and species where you spent those moments with your family. there's something really special in those connections between people, place and food.

i hope you can reconnect with the fungi soon and make new memories.

@glyph Thank you. Once the world reopens I will try to find some fellow foragers in my area and make some new memories :)

my father is quite skilled mushroom hunter, every autumn he hauls enough penny buns and bay boletes to last a whole year when dried

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