I don't really share my commercial work, because it's seldom exciting, but today is different.

Today I began working on a commission that is a dream-like take on a Utopian Scholastic aesthetic/movement.

Not only the research part of the project was a lots of nostalgic fun, but I finally have use for the 90s stock photo CDs I own (also, it was a great excuse to track down and buy few more ;)

Slowly making progress on the Utopian Scholastic piece.

Once my next order of 90s stockphoto CDs comes in the next few days I will see how it looks with added sky (I want a 90s photo for that so I can keep the grain the vintage photography).

Now time to find more elements to put "inside" the head, so that statue does not feel too lonely.

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More progress on the Utopian Scholastic piece, really leaning into the tropes, but it is a pastiche after all :D

Sadly, it seems there are some issues at US postal Service, so I haven't had the chance to use my "new" 90s stock photos, but I still want to see if I can fit some.

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After a bit more tweaking, the utopian scholastic piece is done and dusted. I am quite proud of it :)

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