I just discovered that is making a phone!

While right now it is more of a development device than a consumer product it makes me really hopeful for the future.

In a perfect world I would like it to have a dock with hdmi and usb ports to turn it into a desktop on the go. Having a way of running android apps would also be nice, at least until a phone optimized linux app ecosystem matures.

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@FredBednarski The latest developer edition already comes with a USB-C dock. And if I remember correctly somewhere in the news blog the use of Anbox for running SOME Android apps was mentioned. Was it PostmarketOS?

Long story short you might get what you wish for here ;)

@irimi1 That's amazing! I will definitely follow the developments, as I am not quite ready for a switch just yet.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the price. I know the specs are not amazing, but the phone is cheaper than the lower-end g-series motorolas I have been using.

But if they're already creating what I wished for, I feel I should wish for more. My pie in the sky would be a modular phone, where I can upgrade CPU/GPU/ram, add better camera or bigger battery and generally upgrade it.

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