Today I decided to stop using the word "google" as a term for internet search when talking or typing. Corrected myself like 3 times already.

It's a pointless action in a grand scheme of things, but it makes me feel better on a personal level to not give them the power to feel ubiquitous.

10/10 would recommend.

@FredBednarski That's incidentally what Google would also like people to do, because they're not allowed to keep their trademark if the word "google" becomes a generic term for searching

(genericide, the same thing that happened to e.g. Escalator and Heroin, but Nintendo managed to avoid by popularizing the term "game console" instead)

@vurpo Huh, interesting. Do we have any examples of a company actually losing a trademark post, let's say 1970? I feel like it doesn't happen anymore.

Kleenex, Q-tip are the two big brands I know of that are used as generic terms in a lot of USA, but I am pretty sure the companies still hold those tms.

@FredBednarski oops, that one was for other reasons than genericide

@vurpo No worries. You still gave me things to think about.

I will keep my personal protest for now, but will do some research.

Honestly, I have very little faith in any government to take away trademark from a big corporation.

@FredBednarski Yes, I think it's still worth not using trademarks as generic terms even if that's also what the trademark owner wants


We think in language. This change definitely has value to me, and did for me when I started doing similarly.

@RussSharek Yep, I have enough brands in my life. Definitely don't need them to also pollute my thinking.


I've been enjoying trying to think more simply, and as a side effect I've tried being aware when a commercial interest has "snuck in" and taken up residence in my thinking.

cursed idea, ableist language 

@FredBednarski decorporatizing language is good, though i soon imagined saying "gimped" instead of "shopped"

cursed idea, ableist language 

@carcinopithecus Look at those biceps! They are totally gimped!

@FredBednarski I want them to be aspirinned and so I blithely refer to "yeah the internal Google is kinda shit, you'll need to go to the wiki itself to Google the dashboards I mean"

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