Love the aesthetic of this device, but really I have no use for it:

...but, I am happy that more "independent" hardware is being made :)

@deshipu I wish the trackball and "mouse" buttons where each on one side, but I guess it's not really designed for mouse use...

@FredBednarski I think the keyboard is small enough, that you can keep your index finger on the trackpoint while pressing the buttons with your thumbs.

@FredBednarski it’s... beautiful 😍

I’d be in hipster-computing heaven if I could get Plan 9 running on it!

@FredBednarski vaguely reminds me of a more upscale alphasmart or emate form factor
@allison @FredBednarski I'm seeing a lot of NEC PC-8201 (NEC's version of the Kyocera/Microsoft platform best known as the Tandy Model 100) in this tbh

@bhtooefr @allison Love this - I was always a sucker for the NEC (or Japanese in general) arrow keys, even tho I think they would suck for running games or anything that requires changing directions often/quick.

@FredBednarski @bhtooefr Oh dude, you don't even know. Those arrow keys are *hell* for gaming (take it from someone who actually tried playing Touhou on that layout)

@FredBednarski I have no use for it but I really want one 😂

@FredBednarski @xj9 This looks great. It’s like the properly-productized version of the thing I’ve been hacking together.

Looks cool but I'm so tiered of fucking ARM where every single device requires separate os image, patched kernel and tons of proprietary drivers. It's hard to get excited :/

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