Whatever happened to the idiosyncratic industrial design for personal electronics from the 2000s?

They might not have been the most usable devices, but man, they were glorious.

@FredBednarski Apparently most of us are pleased with a black screen rectangle instead of appealing product design or risky innovation :/

@irimi1 I don't mind the glass slabs existing... I just miss having a choice.

I don't think I have been "excited" for getting a new phone since like 2010 (when I was on like my 2nd or 3rd android). It's all been rectangles and as the years progressed, even the cases got less exciting (last time I really enjoyed one was a faux leather flip case for LG G3).

@FredBednarski I agree, what’s really annoying is that everything just looks the same. This is true for laptops, too :(

@FredBednarski This was the Cambrian Explosion for personal electronic devices

@FredBednarski I distinctly remember some interesting designs from lazytown but i cannot find anymore.

@pixouls You can still get those decently cheap on ebay. They make pretty good emulation devices for everything up to ps1/psp era.

The drawback is that it runs an old version of android, so going online on those might not be great, but you might be able to find a slimmed down modern firmware for it :)

@FredBednarski i actually have a PS Vita running homebrew already lol

this is a 90s device that i still think of fondly. it lasted to the 2000's so can it count? (hit clips)

@pixouls Never got into hitclips (they were rare and expensive in Poland), but at tat time I already had a portable mp3 player - a HipZip!

Loved that thing to bits, had like 3 pocket zip disks, so I could *almost* carry 3 albums with me (or around 30 songs).

@FredBednarski that is nothing short of fantastic to me. look at that baby go! a wHOLE 30 SOngs??!


looking at the thumbnail view of that last one (the roundest one) made me think it was a birth control pill dispenser maybe

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