Oh, the realities of living in USA.

This is the amazingly stocked salad bar in my local supermarket today.

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@FredBednarski XD, oh no. I saw a display like that recently at a bulk food place. Cept it was full of bottled water. Bulk food and bottled water don't quite go together. I suspect they were just trying to 'fill' the space with something since they lacked product.Still, odd choice.
Maybe lack of salad in this case?

@rek They renovated recently and added those different "bars," but I don't think they either got the stuff or the staff to fill them in yet.

This bar usually holds extra fruit and veg, I just found it really funny that salad bar, the usually "healthy" choice, is now filled with cake :D

Also, their current selection of Asian Bar is just buckets of fried chicken -_-

@rek I am hoping they will get them going soon. In the last place I lived they had those and they did have a decent vegetarian options in both bars; their sweet and sour tofu was nice I had before was not bad :)


@FredBednarski We are in a pandemic. I don’t wanna eat at a normal salad bar.


@Sandra I mean, sure... but they have much better cakes in their bakery section :D

It's just funny that out of everything they could put in the "salad bar" they decided on a sub-par cake.

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