It is not often I stumble upon a 80s computer I wasn't aware of... but today is one of those days.

Jupiter Ace was a British micro similar to ZX spectrum in its hardware and form factor, but instead of running BASIC like all of its contemporaries, it's running....


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.... minimalist industrial design, FORTH, black and white, low rez pixels... makes me think of everything @neauoire is working on recently.

@FredBednarski what, that's wild. I'd never heard of FORTH until a few days ago

@FredBednarski do you have one? ive been looking for one since my forth obsession started lol

@eris @FredBednarski its just a z80? make one >:) those fellas are still everywhere

@dogstar @FredBednarski its possible with off the shelf parts yea! but theres no public pcbs and pcbs are expensive to make anyway

@dogstar @FredBednarski a kit to build your own exists but is out of stock sadly

@eris @FredBednarski is it thaaaat bad? i think you could do it because you want such new comps anyway

@dogstar @FredBednarski i want the pcb one! but the pcb manufacture is expensive and i dont have connections :(

@eris @dogstar I don't have one... someone mentioned it online and this is how I discovered it - it would be cool to have one, but I bet there are pretty rare.

For recreation, maybe you can use one of those custom PCB makers (like PCBway) to get some going. I think you can order as few as 5 PCBs from them.

@eris @dogstar I checked on US and UK ebay for those, and wow, people want upwards of $1000 for one 😮

@FredBednarski @eris @dogstar OSHPark is a great service that does boards at $5/square inch; they're my go-to. If that's too steep, you can always use something like Golden Phoenix PCB; it's really bare-bones and takes a while to ship, but they'll do larger prototypes at closer to $1/square inch.

@FredBednarski I learned about this machine "back in the days" from the very book I learned programming from ("Aloittelijan tietokirja", consisting of Finnish translations of three British computer books by Usborne). No picture, but I remember imagining it as a very cool machine that comes with a Forth-controllable robotic arm.
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