Someone enjoyed a little jam game I made few years back enough to make a little video analysis about it on youtube:

I've been pretty stressed since last week, and this has really helped put a smile on my face :)

Also, this video is a cool example of humans being able to create meanings / patterns if given enough "data."

This is something I am constantly interested in, especially how it relates to game design. It is really cool to see someone find meaning where (from point of view of the creator) there wasn't any!

Dark Souls games do that masterfully - at least I think they do, there is no definitive Lore and plenty of people have their own interpretation of the story - I find it really cool.


I tried to make it work in tabletop games with proc-gen, but it's hard to do when you, as a player, can see exactly how the underlying system works.

I think a level of obfuscation is needed for it to work. You need to have hope that there's some meaning to uncover - an author's intent. You can create similar narratives with rolling bunch of times on random tables, but you know it was just chance - the experience is not the same.

I hope to find a way to make it work on tabletop one day :)

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