What is the usenet of today?

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@FredBednarski dunno. usenet's still alive afaik, but—having never usenetted—i'd venture that comes quite close at least in spirit

@cblgh I checked what's happening on usenet nowadays and it seems pretty much dead. I think it died because people no longer have free servers and decent software to connect to it.

I mean, I used it in the 90s, probably up to early 2000s, but then moved to web forums... so I am the part of the problem.

I was aware of scuttlebutt, but thought it was something similar to mastodon. Will need to investigate it :)

@FredBednarski i'd say ssb is a lot more in line with old-school forums or usenet than the twitter/mastodon-style of communication :)

@cblgh I love the fact that it has its own client and protocol, so you can just download bunch of messages at once.

So far it seems like you follow people instead of topics/communities - which is what I am after. This was the big pull for me towards usenet - just geek out about a topic with other people who are into it.

Will keep digging, as it looks promising. Maybe there are topic focused hubs, or some other ways of interacting with the network.

@FredBednarski on a technological level, not, but reddit, and the chans.

@zens Yeah, it sadly you're right. Even after checking more about scuttlebutt, it's more about following people vs subscribing to topics/interests.

Wish there was a scuttlebutt for topics. For time being, I will cling to the few forums that are still around :P

@zens must be something in the air ;)

Would love a decentralized reddit.

Growing up, webpages were... you had a few words of presentation, some poems, maybe some slashfic on there, a photo of your self someone with a digital camera had taken at a party. I spent most of my time on email, IRC and Usenet. I have plenty of fond memories of the first two, and none for Usenet.

Usenet was the viciousness of Reddit/chans, the blue/orange morality of Tumblr, and a frankly dumb architecture, where posts where haphazardly copied from server to server, and you'd only see a quasi-random selection of posts in each thread.

In other words, it was Fediverse.
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