This year's Eurovison (watching it is a tradition with my wife) introduced me to an amazing electro folk band from Ukraine: Go_A.

Their song, Шум (Shum) is the Slavic techno ritual you didn't know you needed in your life:

Now it's time to dig into their discography!

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@neauoire Will do! It usually will take me a while to get familiar with a band, but will make sure to share my favorites!

@FredBednarski damn I just went through the RECAP and that's the best one by FAR haha..

@neauoire I haven't properly listened to it yet, waiting to see it live on Thursday (as is tradition ;).

Although, it would have to be really good to top Shum, as that has a lot of nostalgia: my grandma used to sing in "white voice" (the style of singing in Shum) and there was a pretty big folk group in my highschool. Combined with the techno sound (again, popular when I was in HS), it hits all the right buttons for me :)

@neauoire Yep hope they will win. Can't vote, as I am now in US, but will definitely bother my family back in Poland to vote for them during finals.

Eurovision is usually just a silly pop contest that you enjoy for how outrageous it is, but sometimes there's a gem like GO_A

@FredBednarski Every year I find one usually.. I think Kazka was on it one year and that became like THE BAND for me that year. I think the Hardkiss was on one year as well

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