@FredBednarski Whoa, hey I missed those - they look great! May I ask what tools you used?

@rostiger They were made mostly in Photoshop, but finished Affinity Designer, as I'm abandoning Adobe.

But, there's nothing too fancy happening here - you can use any decent raster program (GIMP?) to do the same. Trace the computer as vectors (I do it by hand in parts), then select a part and use a super soft, super large brush at like 10-15% opacity and start "airbrushing" with those shape stencils. Rest is just layering colors and effects until it looks ok 😉

@rostiger You can kinda see what I mean with the tracing in "parts" in the ZX spectrum one I started:

Each color is a separate vector object, so I can select it and create a "stencil" to only paint inside the shape. Those vector layers are turned invisible in the final piece - they are just there to make the shape.

Choose a color palette and start "airbrushing" those "stencils!" Paint with low opacity, so some of the bg and colors below will bleed through creating a gradient. Rinse & repeat

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