With some help from users of macintoshgarden.org I managed to find a (only surviving?) screenshot of 1986 "game" Portal released by Activision.

Called the "first hypertext novel" the program was released on a selection of 1980s computers, but the Macintosh version was thought to have never been released. There is one confirmed sealed copy, but the mac version is yet to be archived.

Over a year ago I discovered the 1986 Portal "game", and the fact that there was a lost macintosh 512k version of it (see thread).

Now it has been found and archived by a generous macintosh garden user!

You can download it from here: macintoshgarden.org/games/port

...although you might want to wait few days (or reach out to me) as this "dump" does not allow you to save your game. I made a fixed version and will post on garden once the original uploader will give me a go-ahead.


macintosh 1986 Portal 

I have decided to wait for the mac version to play it because I love the aesthetic... and well, waiting paid off!

I have started playing it, and it is a good enough story/experience so far. Will probably do a proper write-up once I am done with it.

Also - the two screenshots above are the first proper screenshots of this version ever! My plan is to take more and upload them to sites dealing with archiving video games (mobygames, videogamegeek, etc.)

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