😱 They are onto us:

"Tech Workers Rebel Against a Lame-Ass Internet by Bringing Back ‘GeoCities-style’ WebRings"

Sadly it seems the article (and the discussion where I found it) kinda missed the big picture behind smol web, but at least it was nice to see @neauoire mentioned and a way to let a bit of mainstream crowd know that there is a web outside of corporate ecosystem :)

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@FredBednarski @neauoire Good to see an article talking about these topics.

Also missing the point to define the builders as “tech workers” though. But still, positive take.

@freedcreative Yeah, it seems they only found out about the movement and decided to write an article based on first impressions.

I mean, I can't blame them, it will look like a breath of fresh air to someone who only knows the corporate web, but I would still like them doing more research first.

But hey, maybe this will a catalyst for other people writing about it, or at least more people getting on smol web :)

@FredBednarski @neauoire they misattributed the lowtech webring to someone who's not even on it :mario_flop:

@candle @FredBednarski @neauoire ya that article is really inaccurate, they didn't even read the frontpage of lowtech webring??

@candle Oh, I completely missed that when I was reading through it. Such a shame.

I think the author had good intentions, but with only a basic smol web familiarity they started confusing people.

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