Recently I started making miniature buildings in 1/100(ish) scale.

They are a part of larger tabletop project ( and a way to spend less time just browsing the internet.

I am really enjoying the process and am working on more tiny buildings now. Hope to share more soon.

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For those interested:

The barn is scratch built, mainly from coffee stirrers, cardboard and woodglue (+ some matches and flocking). It is my first built, so some mistakes were made.

The manor is 3d printed. I found a model online and decided to dust off my 3D printer. Now I am refreshing my cad skills to re-create some old buildings from around where I've grown up.

Both painted with acrylics.

@FredBednarski that's a little smaller than H0 scale 😋

@kai Yep, just a tad smaller than H0. Eventually I do want to add some train stuff to my setup and will probably use H0, as they are quite common and the difference won't be that noticeable :)

@FredBednarski there's also and friends 😋

I love how grimy and dilapidated they look. That's so important to suspend disbelief.

@kai Yep, really wanted to lean into it, as it is countryside after all, so it wouldn't be it tip-top shape. Glad it comes through :)

@FredBednarski as someone who enjoys painting miniatures I absolutely love these and it’s made me want to get back into sculpting again. Nice work!

@jameschip You should! I am just starting into the miniature world, but find it really relaxing.

@FredBednarski it’s just a time and space thing at the moment. If I had a desk where I could leave set up my miniatures stuff I would be on it all the while, but as it is I have to set up and pack away which takes more time than I get to actually craft.

@jameschip I get it, I managed to just take over my workbench for now, as I am not using it for anything else, so I got lucky :)

I also went with 15mm vs the standard 28 because of the space constrain.

@FredBednarski now im looking at pictures of minis I painted ages ago before we moved house.

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