Couple years ago I set out to make a coffeebreak roguelike.

I got a premise, wrote some code (I am not a *good* programmer), started making a tileset (sample below) and I even came up with an imaginary computer with 2bit tile graphics the game was "originally written for" (bc I like weird restrictions)… & kinda burnt out.

Now I got reminded of it (thanks @ritualdust ) and I still like what I made (uncommon feeling for my "older" work). I feel like I should try to make this thing a reality.

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@voxel Thanks! I quite like them as well. I added them after reading William Hope Hodgson's stories about "evil fungi" and thinking that they don't get enough representation in games.

I had a whole idea for mushroom people "levels", where you need to be weary of the environment as much as of the inhabitants (especially that the game is not centered around killing monsters - just taking their treasure).

@winduptoy Thanks! I really like low-rez pixel art, and probably spent waaay to much time working on tileset, when I should have been coding...

...but, at least I have a beginning of a half-decent tileset ;)

@FredBednarski @ritualdust this seriously looks so good, all of a sudden I feel the urge to make a roguelike :D

@flbr Go for it! I still want to use those tiles for my tax collecting RL, but I am happy to help with some other sprites.

Was also working on 1bit 8x8 tiled game - it wasn't really a roguelike, but it was still a decent tileset ;)

@FredBednarski okay, there’s so much cool stuff to unpack there!

First of all, tax collecting roguelike?
And that other tile set is so pretty!

@flbr Yep - tax collecting. It's half serious fantasy roguelike where you are not a hero, but a tax collector and you are sent to different domains in the kingdom to grab treasure.

It is more of a broughlike (like 868 hack), where some tiles you can bump, and you'll get X gold, but also spawn some monsters/enemies. Goal is to get n gold and leave the area, any extra is yours to keep to upgrade your guy between runs.

@FredBednarski that's a really cool idea, I'd love to play it :D

@flbr So instead of one big quest, you have runs, each has a handful screens worth of level. Enemies can be avoided, but eventually you might need to fight them. Also, fighting them can give a small amount of gold, etc. etc.

I have this whole idea of how it would work, but those few years ago I lacked the skills/motivation to pull it off. Still want to do it tho.

@FredBednarski I love the art! I really hope you decide to make it :D

@jrc03c It's an older (pre roguelite) term, but it basically means a smaller game (in scope) compared to classic roguelikes like NetHack, Moria, Angband, etc.

The idea is that unlike those classics that require many hours to even get proficient at, you can enjoy this kind of roguelike during your coffee break at work. Just sit down and have fun without much "system mastery."

So simpler controls, shorter levels, idea of completing shorter runs to advance a story vs one big dungeon/story.

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