Got an opportunity to make graphics for a project running on the first computer I ever had - Commodore64.

I love low-rez pixel art, but working with c64 has it's own bunch of quirks: very specific palette, tile color limit...and the dreaded double wide pixels!

It took me a while to get used to it all, but I am making decent progress now.

Here's a WIP on one of the pieces I am working on - an idol to Slavic god Sviatovid hidden in a deep, dark forest in all of the C64 glory!

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@FredBednarski I feel that colour palette right in the nostalgia. That was my first computer too. I used to sit for hours on the command prompt making what I now know is ascii art.

Beautiful image. How did the project come about?

@freedcreative It's a group of Polish developers who are working on a cartridge game for C64 and needed some art for some of the screens for their game. We run into each other on some Polish retrogaming discords and they have seen some of my older pixel art.

@FredBednarski Super cool, I'd love to see more images as you go along!

@freedcreative Will do :) I will work on those few hours weekday nights, so I should have *something* to show each week 🤞

After I am done with this (still needs more work + night mode and possibly different seasons), next is a forest tileset.

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