Hey Fedi - what are you using for reading (if you use rss)?

I decided to get back into it after a long break, and am trying to decide between one of the providers and selfhosting.

I am trying to have it accessible and synced (including read posts) between desktop (probably web, but maybe a dedicated client) and android (FeedMe?).

Being able to fetch the whole article for select feeds is important, but secondary.

All advice and experiences welcome.

Boosts welcome.

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After few days, I am leaning more towards inoreader. It does ≈90% of what I want, and it does it out of the box.

I could probably get a FOSS setup that does 100% of what I want going if I knew what I was doing. Right now I am stabbing in the dark with a VPS and when stuff doesn't work I am lost on how to fix it — my minimal hosting experience from early 2000s no longer applies.

I will keep stabbing at it for few more days, but I am not holding my breath that I can make it work.

@FredBednarski I hope to have a self hosted solution for sync across platforms one day, but until I work that out I’m using feedbin.

@tendigits How do you like feedbin?

I am currently trying inoreader and I like the of views and how snappy it is. I'm just missing being able to automatically fetch full text for some troublesome feeds in it.

Also, I am currently doing a trial of freshrss. Last time I hosted something around 2005, so I am kinda stabbing in the dark, but I managed to set it up and have it working and fetching full text when needed. If I could only get a good android app to work well with it :P

@FredBednarski I like it okay. It has its own decent web interface and is compatible with a bunch of apps. But I use it only for platform sync. If I had just one device I don’t think I’d need it at all tbh.
I’m curious to see where you end up!

@tendigits Same here - if I had a single device I don't think I would have bothered with syncing.

I kinda wish there was some easier way to sync than using an aggregator. Pack opml with data to what datetime you read everything or per feed, and just pass that file around. Then it could be done with any online storage ;)

I am back to testing stuff, let's see where it will take me.

@FredBednarski I run Miniflux on a server at my place but I've used the version hosted by the devs for a reasonable price and that was pretty painfree too!

@FredBednarski likely not within your specs, but i use (i think it doesn't even have export!)

@rosano This does sound interesting, but the no export (even if it was just the export of rss) is a bit of a dealbreaker for me.

@FredBednarski using the hosted mini flux instance with different native apps for Linux/Macos/android/iOS

@FredBednarski I use QuiteRSS but I don't have enough time in my day these days to read regularly before work or after

@FredBednarski also on feedbin but have used miniflux and ttrss (both self hosted) in the past.
Feedbin is okay, feedMe is great. Good support for fetching full articles, but when I want that I just export to wallabag mostly

@aynish Agreed, feedMe is great! It's a single feature away from being perfect rss client for me - fetching read articles. Sadly, it seems the dev is not interested in adding it. Still my go to android client if I go with selfhosting.

@FredBednarski ohh I see now, the service I was using is part of Feedbin itself! It grabs full articles (with some success)

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@FredBednarski if u wanna ask questions feel free to shoot em my way
Mid tier VPS un-kerfudgler reporting for duty

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@aynish Thank you - will do :) I am starting a fresh VPS now because I feel I messed up the last one and will probably send some questions when I hit a dead end :P

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@aynish Oh yeah, have one basic question - I did try to use nginx last time, now I am thinking apache2 (this is all on a free oracle VPS) because this is what the rss aggregators have as recommendation (mainly freshRSS, I am kinda giving up on tt-rss as it seems the dev is not a nice person, and I think it is now broken unless you use docker, which I know nothing of).

Any opinion on what I should use? What you have more experience with?

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@FredBednarski I have more experience with nginx but ultimately both are quite similar (though learning the differences is quite annoying). I found PHP apps to be much easier to configure on Apache (as that seems to be what most PHP devs use?) And it seems this is true of FreshRSS too.

I guess what I'm saying is there isn't really a right/wrong answer and choosing what gets you off the ground quickest is probably best. You can always come back and swap if you find a compelling x

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@aynish Thanks, then I will go with apache, follow some guides and see if I can get it going.

One thing that I want is to have it accessible through as a folder ( vs top domain (, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I am sure this is just a matter of changing something in apache config and maybe changing where a symbolic link points to (from?)

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@FredBednarski indeed you're on the right track! You don't need it to be a symbolic link, but in the virtual hosts you can define an endpoint as the root of a directory (/freshrss) instead of as the domain root :)

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@aynish The symbolic link I think is for later, as freshrss recommends it as per here:

For the root for fresh rss should I add /freshrss/ in the DocumentRoot here, or is it something else?

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@FredBednarski ahh I see
No its above that, should change VirtualHost. Currently you're telling Apache that all users coming to any domain on port 80 get served content from that DocumentRoot. You want to instead say all users coming to <domain>/<endpoint>:80 will be served from that DocumentRoot. So like VirtualHost

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@FredBednarski actually wait no, I'm getting confused with nginx and Apache. I think you want a ServerName inside the VirtualHost block that points to the endpoint

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@aynish No worries, I thought I should get it working in the main domain, and once this is working I will mess with changing that to endpoint ;)

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@aynish ...and I broke something that even the default html is now not showing, even tho apache seems to be running :P

I am done with it for today, it's getting late here and I am getting sleepy. Will take a few stabs at it tomorrow, and if not, I might just let it go.

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@aynish Oh yeah, and I have an instance of fresh rss running on an easier/shared VPS, but that will start costing me money next month so this is why I am struggling with the free Oracle thing.

Anyway, thank you for your help :) You've been very patient with me as I am stabbing in the dark :P

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@FredBednarski hehehe happy to help, I kinda love troubleshooting :3
If you do try again and have further questions am certainly available!
Might be time for me to run my own RSS instance to help out the Merv crew! :P

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@aynish That would be cool, especially if there is interest. I enjoy my instance of ttrss. The only thing that is really missing for me (apart from a good windows client, but I can do without) is an android app that downloads read articles. This is why I was planning on checking tt-rss, but that is even more alien than freshrss to me (I couldn't get it going even on the server where I got freshrss to work ;).

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@FredBednarski yeah ttrss is a fkn nightmare ngl
I tried to set it up and one time got it running, but it was hell and I disavowed it

Honestly would love to run a feedbin instance, but its quite resource intensive, so maybe not :/
I do already run an rssHub instance at rss.sea (though it seems my certificate expired?)
Eventually I will have to retire my home server (if I move onto a boat) which makes me sad to think about...

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@aynish FeedBin looks nice, I didn't even know it was open source, but it seems that even the author doesn't recommend self hosting it :P

If there was an interest from town we could probably all chip in for a server to handle it.

I was looking at rssBridge (because this is what I found under your rss. link), thought that if I get my server going I can also put an instance of it, as well as an instance of full-text rss to switch to more rss focused browsing.

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@aynish Ok, I got the default nginx html to show - progress :D

Do I need setup a domain for nginx conf files (server_name)? Right now I'm just using the IP and would like to have it all working and tested before I transfer my site to this server.

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@FredBednarski woooo! yeah I'd highly recommend using a server_name! Otherwise you can only have 1 server block to serve stuff from

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I‘m using

@FredBednarski FreshRSS with SQLite db for many years. I love it and I use it with via the web interface, but I actually installed RSS Guard yesterday. Perhaps I'll give Akregator a try too, because I'm on KDE.

I don't know how I missed RSSGuard - it looks pretty good and will also work on my windows machine.

On linux end, I like how FeedReader( works, but my home linux is pretty much only used as a htpc, so it is not my goto machine for rss reading ;)

@FredBednarski I've been trying out the RSS plugin for #obsidian since there was a new update that made it so much better! I've also been using #Newsblur, #NetNewsWire, and more recently #Feedbin! I'm experimenting with different ones to see which works best for me

@FredBednarski in use The Old Reader

it can lag a couple hours on picking up posts, but that doesn't bother me unless something exciting happens in a webcomic @Canageek and I are both reading and she gets to it first

@WizardOfDocs I used to use the Old Reader, but with bunch of my feeds I really needed them to fetch the whole article, but Old Reader (at least at that time) didn't give me that option.

@FredBednarski It does show whole articles now, but in a way I find annoying, so I just click the links

@WizardOfDocs @FredBednarski I use Drop Feeds, a Firefox extension. I think it can show full articles, but I disabled that years ago and just use it as a sidebar link list.

@FredBednarski I'm using QuiteRSS but I imagine it doesn't really work for any of those use cases. I hope you've found something you like!

@skipfordj @FredBednarski I use FreshRSS as the backend and NetNewsWire as a native client to read

I have a shell account on a server somewhere in the internet that I access via SSH. There I have a couple of things, like jabber client, telegram client and so one and for feeds I use rss2email
( ). A cron job that executes r2e, notmuch for tagging and mutt for reading. i have ~150 feeds and read them on multiple devices, so I use TinyTinyRSS (I use's instance but you can definitely self host, it's a typical php setup). I have this Android app here: and for desktop I use Liferea, which can connect to TTRSS and fetch articles to be read offline.

@lucidiot I had issues setting up selfhosted tttrss, but it looks that I would be able to test drive it on envs. Thank you for the recommendation :)

@FredBednarski I use MicroSub. Runs beside my blog and collects all the feeds I'm interested in, not just rss. Various bridges come into play too.

There are various MicroSub readers. For example Indigenous for Android.

@bekopharm Wasn't aware of MicroSub (I believe this is it, right? It looks quite promising - will try to take it for a test drive.

@FredBednarski Let me know if you need some pointers :-) You get to pick your poison. I use Yarns Microsub Server. Ymmv.

@FredBednarski i use nextcloud. Cause i already had one running XD
@FredBednarski I'm using #Friendica where I'm posting from, we feature a native #RSS feed reader (among other protocols we support).

And I will never get tired of boasting this awesome integrated feature.

@FredBednarski I use Feedly. The desktop version is web-based, and there's a native Android app. The main issue I have with it is that the Android app doesn't cache for offline reading, though that hasn't been as much of an issue since I'm at home most of the time these days anyway.

@FredBednarski in order to prevent FOMO i prefer a newsreader without an unread count. A river of news, basically.

@FredBednarski @kensanata

Does that actually work or do you still read everything?
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