So my carrier (att) is forcing me to upgrade my phone - it simply won't work after February, as they are switching off everything pre-4G VoLTE (and my phone is *only* 4G).

I don't want to upgrade. The phone is 4 years old, looks and works great for my needs & the new phones are huge and expensive.

Yet, it seems that should stay with att, as I have a grandfathered plan that no other (big*) network can match.


Spent 1h talking to att, and they just keep giving me spiel and telling me to upgrade to an expensive phone from them. Fuck that.

Other US carriers are just as confusing/annoying.

I've only ever used the main (big) networks in my decade living here. I know there are some other networks, but they seem to have their own quirks and seem somewhat dodgy (would love to hear otherwise).

I just want to buy my own budget phone and have it work. Why is this hard?

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@FredBednarski same here! i wasted two hours today to learn that there are absolutely no cheap dumbphone alternatives to my Nokia 3310 3G. it's insane. i'm trying to build enough skills to build my own phone in the next few years, but for now i'm feeling stuck. really not interested in blowing $200+ to get a lineage-compatible device.

@winduptoy With the new att rules you won't be able to use anything than whitelisted devices. Anything not on the list of their supported devices will automatically be rejected.

...and it seems that nowadays $200 is the bottom line for any device on that list.

I'm seriously thinking about using one of those third party carriers (they care less what you use), but that world is also all kinds of confusing.

@FredBednarski @winduptoy i've been using a random third party company (Net 10 wireless. I'm in the US) for almost 10 years i think. Has worked well for me, and they do not care what phone you use. And it's relatively cheap, pay as you go.

@FredBednarski @winduptoy For example, I had a 2G phone up until a year ago that still functioned, and the website seems to imply that still works (*At 2G speeds, the functionality of some data applications such as streaming video or audio may be affected). Though i believe it's being phased out across the US cellular companies.

@exquisitecorp That's good to know, because that's what I'm thinking of doing myself.

But there's so many of those third parties that I am feeling lost (I just jumped on my SO's plan when I moved to US and never really looked into it). Will keep the Net 10 in mind.

@FredBednarski @exquisitecorp I'm quite happy with US Mobile (T-Mobile and Verizon reseller).

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