Recently played through Disco Elysium and loved every moment of it!

It's a surprisingly deep and emotional experience with amazing world building that kept me full of wonder on every step. It played like a good in-person RPG session. Highly recommended!

Also, when I was getting close to the end, I took a day off from playing and made a printable 3d model of an in-game vehicle (from the screenshot below) as a way to prolong my experience:

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@FredBednarski oh I'm playing through it currently. I love the Coupris Kineema!

@whtrbt I love all of the anachronistic world - I just want more of it!

Hope you're enjoying your playthrough. Where are you at?

@FredBednarski Only slept once so far, despite playing for hours! Still feeling everything out. Unintentionally learned Advanced Race Theory, which I am uncomfortable about, but I'm not quite sure whether it means my character accepts those ideas and is a racist or has fully considered the theory and moved on?

@whtrbt It's up to you to choose how you will use this knowledge. I ended up somewhere between a communard and a moralintern.

...and there's still plenty of awesome stuff to discover after the first day, including my favorite moment with kim where we just sit around and talk.

@FredBednarski so learning that doesn't define my character, but it will offer certain dialogue options that *could*?

@whtrbt Pretty much - this will give you certain dialogue options and more options and events related to it will pop out when you follow down that path. At least this was my experience, not sure how it works in the backend really.

Also, later on you can forget internalized thoughts if you don't want them. So that's something :)

This game tackles a lot of great topics, including "your actions now define who you are." Thoughts and past actions have an effect, but what matters is what you do now.

@FredBednarski ok, I will play on and see how it turns out.

the game is such a step forward in handling RPG style dialogues... treating the dice rolls as inner monologues... I loved the approach instantly.

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