This is really neat. I've seen people experimenting with 3d printing houses in concrete before, but printing whole structures using local soil is so much cooler!

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@FredBednarski I went in really reluctantly but god damn, this is neat, thanks for sharing.

@neauoire Same - I just stumbled upon it and thought it is going to be another gimmick, but those people do some really great work. I was surprised by how much thought they put in the design with leaving ventilation channels or 3d printing that staircase.

I'm especially curious about the "green concrete" they talk about. If they can make it without all the energy needed to make cement and make it work with various local soils that would be a real game changer!

@FredBednarski I'd looove to play with that sort of tech, the staircase blew me away.

@neauoire If I recall correctly, the staircase was designed by some university. I wouldn't be surprised if they also had artists/designers in residence to push the tech even further.

So maybe it's time to take Pino to Italy‽ ;)

@neauoire Reminds me of Sirmione (although that is on a Lake, not the sea).

@FredBednarski There is a loooot of residential construction going on where I live and I see trash everywhere, plus all the machinery they need pumping out fumes. So, this tech is really important IMHO.


incredible project! i heard of 3d printing with earth a few years ago but had no idea it had gotten to this level. super inspiring and hope-invoking.

the same approach can be used to print mycomaterials: mycelium is mixed with the bulk substrate and then extruded into the desired shape. blast studio in london is one place i know of where such experimentation is taking place.

@glyph @FredBednarski The school where I sometimes teach has a special programme on 3D printed architecture. There is always a robot printing large clay structures in the main hall, very fascinating.

@focus404 @glyph That's awesome!

I see they are using similar geometry/structure for ventilation/insulation as the company above. I wonder if there was some research paper about it 🤔

@glyph That's so cool! Printing with fungi reminds me of an idea I read somewhere (sci-fi novel?) where for space travel we would send specially modified mycelium first to grow into pre-designed structures and then humans could land and have habitats ready.

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