Good article (with a bad, clickbaity title) about the state of big web:

In the last few years I noticed that the quality of google search is just crap. Not the algorithm per se, it's doing what it was designed to do, the problem is what it finds.

The web is being polluted by SEO optimized sites that either want to sell you shit or bombard you with ads. Those big and/or content generator sites are pretty much all google finds nowadays.

Thanks, I hate it.


So, just like article's author, if I want genuine opinion from actual people, I'll append reddit to the search and read through comments.

Most of my google use nowadays adds a site_name like that, because the default search results are mostly useless.

When browsing I mostly stick to few trusted sites and if I want that sense of exploration, I hit the smol web.

...but it makes me a little sad that big web became mainly an ad-delivery system with content on the side.

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@FredBednarski my gut instinct is to agree with this article, but the author provides no evidence for their claim. I search constantly, albiet with adblockers, and my experience is fine.

like, flame google all you want, they deserve it, but their search results are not as bad as claimed here IMO.

@mibzman It works well enough for general use, but I had multiple instances when google failed me when doing research about more obscure things.

Instead of what I was looking for, I was getting vaguely related stuff from stores and content farms... that's with adblock.

Like I said, the problem is not really google algorithm, it's the amount of seo optimized shit in the wild. The signal noise ratio is so bad, that it doesn't matter how good your code is - it will pick up crap.

@FredBednarski I also mostly use web rings, Wikipedia, or the curated results of friends. Using search is mostly a waste especially for popular questions.

Google scholar is still pretty ok though

@dualhammers I only really know of couple webrings. Anything you'd recommend?

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