After seeing @protodrew use I decided to give it a go... and wow, I didn't know how much I was missing this!

When I write notes I will often jump from one idea to another, and Obsidian supports that fully. For the first time ever I'm actually having as much fun taking digital notes as I do with pen and paper.

Now I'm learning more about personal knowledge management systems and thinking how to incorporate into my website workflow.

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After couple days I migrated my site's .md end to Obsidian!

It required some tweaks to my 11ty setup as I wanted the wiki style links from Obsidian to generate properly on my site AND to be able to organize it in folders when I want while still keeping the flat site structure I had.

It's kinda hacky, but I'm still proud of myself for getting it done.

Next step is to migrate the random project files into Obsidian and then start tackling all the orphaned files.

Really enjoying all this!

@protodrew Me too! I didn't expect to like it that much!

Now I just need to figure out some neat way of getting my obsidian notes to work with my 11ty site out of the box. I'm almost there... need to do some tests and maybe tweak some existing 11ty plugins.

@FredBednarski @protodrew the mobile apps are impressively good also. I'm using syncthing, just added the obsidian client config file to the ignores and have had zero problems.

I'm planning to work on a publishing flow also, but maybe learning to enjoy writing for myself is the best way to start anyway.

@consumtariat im also using syncthing with the mobile client. Works like a dream.

@consumtariat @protodrew I will make sure to check the mobile apps - it would be good to be able to check and take notes on the go.

I hope I can use git with them as well because this is what I use on desktop, as it plays well with my 11ty setup :)

...especially now that I almost cracked how to integrate the two seamlessly!

@FredBednarski @protodrew my plan is to just commit from PC occasionally rather than try to use git from mobile. In fact, I don't sync the .git folder, it lives on my laptop.

@consumtariat @FredBednarski haha this is exactly what I use. Syncthing keeps it between devices and every so often I push to git

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