After seeing @protodrew use I decided to give it a go... and wow, I didn't know how much I was missing this!

When I write notes I will often jump from one idea to another, and Obsidian supports that fully. For the first time ever I'm actually having as much fun taking digital notes as I do with pen and paper.

Now I'm learning more about personal knowledge management systems and thinking how to incorporate into my website workflow.


After couple days I migrated my site's .md end to Obsidian!

It required some tweaks to my 11ty setup as I wanted the wiki style links from Obsidian to generate properly on my site AND to be able to organize it in folders when I want while still keeping the flat site structure I had.

It's kinda hacky, but I'm still proud of myself for getting it done.

Next step is to migrate the random project files into Obsidian and then start tackling all the orphaned files.

Really enjoying all this!

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