Just finished watching - really happy for Ukraine to win, although theirs was not my favorite performance.

Loved the folk, not that keen on the rap - my high point is still last year's Ukraine performance by Go_A.

Nonetheless, it's really good to see Europe stand with Ukraine - they won mainly due to overwhelming popular vote.

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@FredBednarski last years Ukraine entry is legit one of my favourite songs of last year.

@minimaldotclick Same - I still keep coming back to it.

From this year I think Serbia or Lithuania will have similar staying power for me. While I love Moldova's - it's more of a gimmick song, but such a fun time :D

@FredBednarski @minimaldotclick I’m still listening to both Shum and Solovey all the time. I think they’ll be favorites forever, though this year’s was energetic and catchy and had such excellent heart.

@FredBednarski yes SHUM is one of the few #eurovision songs I've played after the contest was over.
The flute with the beat under it in the Ukrainien song this year is really nice.

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