I got my hands on a late XIX century mimeograph to help with back-engineering the forgotten printing/duplicating method.

There is very little information about pre-electric mimeography, & I was struggling to recreate it with the small, mid century machine I have - simply too many variables & unknowns.

This kit is all manual, but what's more important, it comes with stencil paper and a writing plate. Now I can experiment with using materials that I know to work!

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While doing research on making stencils for the mimeograph I found this awesome, cheap and simple way of producing silkscreens by hand. It fits all the boxes and could be used for large editions (it would be more durable than waxed paper).

The process is described here under "Easy Silk Print" gigazine.net/gsc_news/en/20140

There's a one small hiccup tho. It's only available in Japan 😩

I wish I knew what chemicals are in those 3 bottles, maybe I can "mix" them in US?

The got some needed cleaning and TLC. It's still a bit squeaky, but it's now feeding paper correctly. So that's a win.

Sadly, not much progress with making DIY stencils. Tested store bought wax paper with india ink and sponge brush to push it onto a page below, but that failed 😞

Not giving up yet on it as my "blind" using a pre-cut stencil also failed the india ink/sponge combo.

Next step is to source flannel for ink pads (I only have 1) and test on the device.

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The Print-O-Matic came in today! Here's some first look observations:

* It's bigger than I expected (banana for scale)
* It's a bit squeaky, but seems to work fine
* It uses cloth on the drum as a kind of "ink sponge"
* The stencils are thinner and softer than I expected.
* It came with awesome extras like never-used "clip-art" stencils, a "tool" for shading/half-toning and an original 1963 proof of purchase!

Will post more once I have time to do some proper tests.


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