@WuDeRpg welcome to Merveilles! I am always excited to see another ttrpg person on here!

@caffo That sounds cool, keep us in the loop, I am always up for trying some new tabletop stuff :)

@caffo Thanks! I like your idea of leaving the phone away!

Honestly cutting notifications has been the biggest change for me - learning that I don't need to give attention various services yelling for it. I go and check the things I want, when I want - because honestly, I don't need to know that someone liked a post or that a new podcast dropped as it happens. This stuff can wait.

@caffo Not sure I understand that second one - are you referring to the traditional graph paper dungeon"?

If so, there are some other good solutions, although they are more of a niche thing (existing in OSR, storygames, etc). I am partial to a pointcrawl to represent dungeons, but others go even more bare-bones and go with something like the labyrinth move.

pointcrawl dungeon example: meta-studios.com/dg/dungen.htm

labyrinth move (birdsite): twitter.com/GauntletRPG/status

@helveticablanc It reminded me of Cycladic sculptures (especially the crossed arms) and no surprise - those were pretty much neighboring cultures!

@endesga I somehow missed that you joined merveilles. Welcome!

I've been following NYKRA back in my twitter days, it's really cool to have you on here mate!

@rostiger That's really cool! Reminds me of lemmings, but done on tabletop!

I am tempted to give it a spin using a set of RPG dice - you choose which die to roll, then you can't use that type of die until you rolled all your dice (then the dice pool refreshes and you can choose any die from the pool, and so on and so on).

@Capheind On top of the other recommendations: Savage Worlds would fit the bill - their original "default" setting was pulp, and it mimics the genre quite well.

There was even a collection of Pulp scenarios for it from TrippleAce: Daring Tales of Adventures.

@pixouls At least this wasn't one of those sites that required flash. If I remember correctly the only flash on it was some animated graphics.

Also, this:
"View this site with at least Internet Explorer 5.0, Flash Player, a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and medium text size, preferably in full-screen mode (by pressing F11 in IE)."

Today I went on a bit of a nostalgia trip through my old usenet / newsgroup posts. It was a bittersweet feeling seeing who I used to be...

...but, what's more important is that I discovered an internet fossil!

I recommended a small rpg fansite to someone on usenet in early 2003. To my surprise, the thing is still online & pretty much unchanged! byenighte.com

Love finding those *vintage* sites in the wild :)

@zens must be something in the air ;)

Would love a decentralized reddit.

@zens Yeah, it sadly you're right. Even after checking more about scuttlebutt, it's more about following people vs subscribing to topics/interests.

Wish there was a scuttlebutt for topics. For time being, I will cling to the few forums that are still around :P

@dualhammers Sorry to hear that. Hope you'll feel better soon.

I am getting my first dose on Friday, so I probably have the same to look forward to.

@cblgh I love the fact that it has its own client and protocol, so you can just download bunch of messages at once.

So far it seems like you follow people instead of topics/communities - which is what I am after. This was the big pull for me towards usenet - just geek out about a topic with other people who are into it.

Will keep digging, as it looks promising. Maybe there are topic focused hubs, or some other ways of interacting with the network.

@cblgh I checked what's happening on usenet nowadays and it seems pretty much dead. I think it died because people no longer have free servers and decent software to connect to it.

I mean, I used it in the 90s, probably up to early 2000s, but then moved to web forums... so I am the part of the problem.

I was aware of scuttlebutt, but thought it was something similar to mastodon. Will need to investigate it :)

@somnius While I do not have a strong opinion myself, I voted yes. Partially because I like the idea of both local posting and custom lists, but mostly to support the people on our instance who have requested the new features :)

...and while I can see the point about Hometown being behind Mastodon in releases (this might be something worth investigating), I think adding choices for how people are able to interact with each other and the network is worth the hassle.

@ajroach42 Make me miss Blue Ridge more, won't you? ;)

(I think this part is still considered part of Blue Ridge mountains)

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