@milofultz Parmesan sage sauce! One of my favorite fall flavors! You just chop the sage (I would easily use the amount you have, sans the stems), fry on some butter to release the flavor, add some liquid (I add soy milk, or even pasta water) and parmesan, let it all simmer for a few minutes and done!

It is really good over pumpkin (or other squash) ravioli, or even normal pasta for a bit of mac'n'cheese type dish.

@flip Looks really good! It took me a second to notice it was lettering and not a font ;)

@irimi1 ...and I thought my dad was weird for putting a dot into every letter's counter (the enclosed space in letters like p, o, d, b, e, etc.) 😉

@jylm6d I love it - I am always up for some Slavic Whitchcraft!

I am looking forward to the rest of the series - will you release it as something (I would so buy a zine of those drawings)!

@johannesg just re-read the excluding clause, which openTTD might fall under.

Then, does liero count? It started as freeware and then became fully FOSS.

If not, then nethack, DCSS and Pixel Dungeon should ;)

@johannesg outside of bunch of roguelikes, and dozens of hours in liero, I spent hundreds of hours in openTTD. Just mentioning it makes me want to install it again. Highly recommend!

I also checked what else is new in FOSS gaming, and I definitely want to give openRTC2 (it might be yet another time sink) and TuxKart a spin.

I think it's also high time to see what I can contribute to one of those projects 🤔

@oppen Love it. What did you plot it on?

I want to do too many things - one of them is reviving my plotter and doing some generative art :)

@neauoire Oh no!

What the hell linux?

It was supposed to only draw some openGL trigs 😮

@neauoire Nah, was just making a joke - it seems like such an non-necessary program, probably made for testing openGL back in the day and was left-in as legacy in some distro that others sprouted from ;)

I think it is safe to remove.

@neauoire A quick search shows that it is essential part of any linux distro ;)

glforestfire - draws a GL animation of sprinkling fire-like 3D triangles


@zens This is really cool, I want to dig into it and see what I can make :)

@decoder_82 Welcome!

It is so awesome that the town is getting more retro tech people!

@voxel Welcome to merveilles - glad to have you here!

I have played SlipSpeed in the past and loved it! Looking forward to seeing all your other work.

@jameschip @rek I never tried it with ink or markers - it might work. It's definitely worth a try!

I don't have any, otherwise I would run some tests see how well it repels the inks I have. I am a little worried that the markers might be alcohol based and the masking fluid might only work with water-based media.

@rek Before you work with it do some tests on an empty sheets.

Some fancy "artist's tapes" tear my paper like crazy when removing. It all depends on your paper and the glue used on the tape.

For me (grainy, cold-pressed paper) the cheap-o art tape or even masking tape from home improvement store works well, as the glue it uses is of "poor" quality, so it doesn't bite hard into the paper.

@rek It probably would be too fiddly, but you can add masking tape to the gutter before drawing and remove it after? This is what I do for drawing/painting to get a crisp edge, but that takes only 4 pieces of tape :P

Another alternative is cutting out the panels and pasting on a fresh sheet later.

Nevertheless, looking forward to seeing more of it - love the style!

@rek I think the lines bleeding into the gutter add to the experience and charm - I would keep them.

Never made a comic myself, so I don't have "secret insider knowledge," but if those really bother you, it would be a quick fix in any raster program later on :)

@suvij Tis the season!

I miss having constant access to dried fruit like this in US (in Poland, we boil them to make a smokey "kompot" which I love!).

Time to see if the online vendor from last year has more in stock :)

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