@neauoire Honestly, it reminds me of some of the readings you'd do when learning English.

"Today we will learn about possessive pronouns. Also, the difference between their and there." :P

@freedcreative Yeah, it seems they only found out about the movement and decided to write an article based on first impressions.

I mean, I can't blame them, it will look like a breath of fresh air to someone who only knows the corporate web, but I would still like them doing more research first.

But hey, maybe this will a catalyst for other people writing about it, or at least more people getting on smol web :)

@candle Oh, I completely missed that when I was reading through it. Such a shame.

I think the author had good intentions, but with only a basic smol web familiarity they started confusing people.

😱 They are onto us: thedebrief.org/tech-workers-re

"Tech Workers Rebel Against a Lame-Ass Internet by Bringing Back ‘GeoCities-style’ WebRings"

Sadly it seems the article (and the discussion where I found it) kinda missed the big picture behind smol web, but at least it was nice to see @neauoire mentioned and a way to let a bit of mainstream crowd know that there is a web outside of corporate ecosystem :)

@ajroach42 I think if I combed through of Keaton's filmography, I could probably find enough stand-in scenes and cut something resembling the scenes from Matrix.

Remember when they were jumping from building to building? Here's Keaton doing something similar - stylish black coat and all ;)

@zens On another fun note - robotnik means a worker in Polish. So when playing Sonic in Poland, you face of against Doctor Worker!

Better yet, kupa (the same as saying Koopa in English) in Polish means poo... so the big bad of Mario is King Poo ;)

@ajroach42 @kelbot @Ethancdavenport Can't remember it... but I also think I might be close to the end on that save, so it might be better off restarting and then going to sequels after I finish this one.

I played bunch of battle network games in early 2000s, but never finished any, so I think I should finally make an effort :)

@kelbot @Ethancdavenport @ajroach42 Now look what you all made me do!

Should I continue from my last save or start fresh?

@cblgh Have the same edition, will eventually get the Conan in the same series (once I can find it for a decent price).

What is your favorite Lovecraft story so far? For me it's Color Out of Space (if we are talking short stories only).

@soapdog @cblgh I can recommend pretty much everybody out of "first stage" Lovecraft's circle, although I never really got into Kuttner or Whitehead - but others are pretty much a safe bet, even for non-mythos stories.

Derleth, while he started Arkham House (which popularized the mythos), he so didn't get cosmic horror and his writing is a poor Lovecraft pastiche.

@sugar ...and referring to NFTs as "GIF certificates" ;)

macintosh 1986 Portal 

I have decided to wait for the mac version to play it because I love the aesthetic... and well, waiting paid off!

I have started playing it, and it is a good enough story/experience so far. Will probably do a proper write-up once I am done with it.

Also - the two screenshots above are the first proper screenshots of this version ever! My plan is to take more and upload them to sites dealing with archiving video games (mobygames, videogamegeek, etc.)

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Over a year ago I discovered the 1986 Portal "game", and the fact that there was a lost macintosh 512k version of it (see thread).

Now it has been found and archived by a generous macintosh garden user!

You can download it from here: macintoshgarden.org/games/port

...although you might want to wait few days (or reach out to me) as this "dump" does not allow you to save your game. I made a fixed version and will post on garden once the original uploader will give me a go-ahead.

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@dosnostalgic Oh man, this Korean Dungeon Boy looks awesome - especially in Hercules. I wish I had it when I had my Hercules machine in the early 90s.

Also, that map screen is just so much my aesthetic!

@ajroach42 That would work, but I think it might be more work than just making a new category.

I am trying to quickly find a good source on how you'd do that, but failing. If you are curious about this approach I can keep digging :)

@ajroach42 While I am not sure HOW, I am pretty sure you can make kodi see audio files in a particular folder.

Or even add a new category for Radio Shows, just like Music, Movies or TV Shows.

I haven't done much with kodi, but I remember messing with xbmc in 2000s to host podcasts...so I assume it is still doable.

...alternatively you could build a database and plug that to kodi.

If you did that I would be up for listening to some shows and adding their info to such db :)

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