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Thanks all for answering and boosting - I guess I thought there is more in terms of themed instances out there.

Maybe they're out there, but they are pretty smol and not easily discoverable?

I will share the recommendations from here, hopefully they'll be able to find some place to call their fedi home 😃

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Hey Fedi.

I have a acquaintance interested in mastodon. Looking for an instance focused around outdoorsy stuff. Any recommendations?

Spent 1h talking to att, and they just keep giving me spiel and telling me to upgrade to an expensive phone from them. Fuck that.

Other US carriers are just as confusing/annoying.

I've only ever used the main (big) networks in my decade living here. I know there are some other networks, but they seem to have their own quirks and seem somewhat dodgy (would love to hear otherwise).

I just want to buy my own budget phone and have it work. Why is this hard?

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So my carrier (att) is forcing me to upgrade my phone - it simply won't work after February, as they are switching off everything pre-4G VoLTE (and my phone is *only* 4G).

I don't want to upgrade. The phone is 4 years old, looks and works great for my needs & the new phones are huge and expensive.

Yet, it seems that should stay with att, as I have a grandfathered plan that no other (big*) network can match.

rss aggregator 

After few days, I am leaning more towards inoreader. It does ≈90% of what I want, and it does it out of the box.

I could probably get a FOSS setup that does 100% of what I want going if I knew what I was doing. Right now I am stabbing in the dark with a VPS and when stuff doesn't work I am lost on how to fix it — my minimal hosting experience from early 2000s no longer applies.

I will keep stabbing at it for few more days, but I am not holding my breath that I can make it work.

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There should be an open, decentralised social platform where you can publish the list of #rss feeds you're subscribed to, use your account with feed readers to sync your feeds, and view the lists of other people by following them. And, with the exception of perhaps a few small features here and there, it should be stupid simple, and should do *nothing* else.

Ok, totally gunna make this now.

Hey Fedi - what are you using for reading (if you use rss)?

I decided to get back into it after a long break, and am trying to decide between one of the providers and selfhosting.

I am trying to have it accessible and synced (including read posts) between desktop (probably web, but maybe a dedicated client) and android (FeedMe?).

Being able to fetch the whole article for select feeds is important, but secondary.

All advice and experiences welcome.

Boosts welcome.

Got an opportunity to make graphics for a project running on the first computer I ever had - Commodore64.

I love low-rez pixel art, but working with c64 has it's own bunch of quirks: very specific palette, tile color limit...and the dreaded double wide pixels!

It took me a while to get used to it all, but I am making decent progress now.

Here's a WIP on one of the pieces I am working on - an idol to Slavic god Sviatovid hidden in a deep, dark forest in all of the C64 glory!

Couple years ago I set out to make a coffeebreak roguelike.

I got a premise, wrote some code (I am not a *good* programmer), started making a tileset (sample below) and I even came up with an imaginary computer with 2bit tile graphics the game was "originally written for" (bc I like weird restrictions)… & kinda burnt out.

Now I got reminded of it (thanks @ritualdust ) and I still like what I made (uncommon feeling for my "older" work). I feel like I should try to make this thing a reality.

For the last few days I have been watching a BBC miniseries / documentary "Wartime Farm." Started watching it as a part of research for a game I am running, but now I am hooked!

It is much more about farm life, than it is about war, and especially about using simple (often much older than then contemporary 1930s) technologies and practices to thrive during tough times.

While it isn't solarpunk per se, it does show how much can be done with simple tech and ingenuity.

For those interested:

The barn is scratch built, mainly from coffee stirrers, cardboard and woodglue (+ some matches and flocking). It is my first built, so some mistakes were made.

The manor is 3d printed. I found a model online and decided to dust off my 3D printer. Now I am refreshing my cad skills to re-create some old buildings from around where I've grown up.

Both painted with acrylics.

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Recently I started making miniature buildings in 1/100(ish) scale.

They are a part of larger tabletop project ( and a way to spend less time just browsing the internet.

I am really enjoying the process and am working on more tiny buildings now. Hope to share more soon.

😱 They are onto us:

"Tech Workers Rebel Against a Lame-Ass Internet by Bringing Back ‘GeoCities-style’ WebRings"

Sadly it seems the article (and the discussion where I found it) kinda missed the big picture behind smol web, but at least it was nice to see @neauoire mentioned and a way to let a bit of mainstream crowd know that there is a web outside of corporate ecosystem :)

macintosh 1986 Portal 

I have decided to wait for the mac version to play it because I love the aesthetic... and well, waiting paid off!

I have started playing it, and it is a good enough story/experience so far. Will probably do a proper write-up once I am done with it.

Also - the two screenshots above are the first proper screenshots of this version ever! My plan is to take more and upload them to sites dealing with archiving video games (mobygames, videogamegeek, etc.)

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Over a year ago I discovered the 1986 Portal "game", and the fact that there was a lost macintosh 512k version of it (see thread).

Now it has been found and archived by a generous macintosh garden user!

You can download it from here:

...although you might want to wait few days (or reach out to me) as this "dump" does not allow you to save your game. I made a fixed version and will post on garden once the original uploader will give me a go-ahead.

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Recently, I've been watching an antique dealer on yt go through people's collections & garages to find stuff for resale.

I enjoy the treasure hunt aspect, but the more I watch it, the more I notice how far we, as a society, have decoupled items' value and function: this metal can is worth $5, but it'd be $50 if it had a defunct gas station logo on it.

Same function, same quality, but people would value it 10x more because of a logo.

Such a perfect example of Baudrillard's Simulacra.

Today in I am sharing one of my favorite dishes - Roasted Red Pepper Pasta:

It's has a bit of a kick, but it's mainly smokey & cheesy...and all vegan!

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