Illustrations of branches, trunks, roots and everything that makes up a tree. Over a hundred pages like these will make up my book. Presented as a small manual, with no steps to follow, it will be a book filled with mysterious forms that I hope can inspire you.

@ritualdust J'ai besoin de quelqu'un de talentueux afin de m'aider à faire la mise en page.

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@ritualdust Je suis actuellement en train de préparer des illustrations pour mon prochain livre. Ce livre explore le concept de l'arbre par la variation de la forme. Ça ne se veut pas une référence botanique et les arbres illustrés ne sont pas des espèces en particulier.
C'est entre l'observation concrète et l'imaginaire. Une vision parfois mécanique de l'arbre en pièces détachées pour ensuite intégrer des concepts dans des dessins plus abouti.

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Also doing some slow progress on the fantômes zine, editing starting soon and I still have some illustrations to complete :3

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Illustrations for my next book about how I see trees. The concept of tree. Hundred of iterations on the features of that big plant!!

Illustrations pour mon prochain livre sur la façon dont je vois les arbres. Des centaines d'itérations sur différentes parties de cette plante géante!!

What are the best dimensions to publish a book both in paper and ebook format.

For the paper version I would like something close to 6 "x9".

Thanks :)

I have already:

- Mode than 200 languages
- Morse
- Scrabble
- Dothraki : (Game of thrones)
- Emoji
- Esperanto
- Egyptian hyeroglyph
- Ido
- Javanais
- L33k speak
- Klingon
- Laatan
- Verlan
- Na'vi : Avatar
- Prononciation API
- Quenya
- Sindarin
- Talossan
- Toki pona
- Volapük: 1880

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I have collected the words tree and forest in several languages ​​and dialects. (About 260) Do you have any suggestions to add to my collection ... imaginary languages ​​accepted if you have any.

I did a drawing experiment. At the beginning I wanted to make different shapes of logs and branches. Then I did in ink. But I'm not satisfied with the felt pen. Tomorrow I will try again.

How do you train several people at the same time when you can no longer get together? It's in a manufacturing environment and people do not have access to a computer station. Do you have any creative ideas? Thank you.

Everyone harms and supports each other at the same time. The paradoxe of co-existence.

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