« Félix et sa poule voyagent sans argent ni contrainte de temps, à la rencontre des gens » sur YouTube

Ce documentaire m'a beaucoup touché. 😄

Garden and compost in progress. Made with reclaimed wood.

Dungeon synth takes me so far that my work at the office becomes a quest in which i have to escape to go and create other dungeon synth songs myself. It's a kind of meta universe.

it's always nice to have a landlord who works like driver and he give us what he deliver freely...mmm nuts!!


Good news! My landlord allows us to use the land to make a garden. We are starting the project this weekend. Lots of shade, so I've already targeted some veggies that prefer that. 🥕🥗🥒🍠 😃

@rek @neauoire Sur votre grinder, pouvez-vous me donner une photo du output afin que je m'assure d'en acheter un avec le bon morceau...et si il y a des spécificités à tenir en compte.

Suggested exercise to do alone or with others inspired n'y John Muir Laws.

Beauty break.

Stop suddenly to point out something beautiful from your point of view. Little or big. This will allow you to notice the wonderful in the familiar. Become aware that we are constantly surrounded by beauty 😄

During our hike, we discovered a strange path of leaves. I wonder who takes this path?

What is your strategy of making a complex concept into something intelligible for a newbe?

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