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Hi, I want to share with you some old compositions called "Hymn to the North". A dark ambiant album from 2003. Thanks for listening 🎧🎹🎛️👽 hellien.bandcamp.com/album/hym

If you want to listen to strange and ambient music that I composed a few years ago, here it is finally available here: hellien.bandcamp.com/album/hym

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Published a "Nutrition" page for GrimGrains, for daily nutritional needs as well as how to better absorb vitamins in foods.
Will update it often.


I just uploaded new songs on bandcamp.
I will soon put a lot of my old tracks.
Thanks for listening!!


Does anyone know a free and effective sound editor?

I also make keyboards but unfortunately it does not make any sound. Maybe I should try to plug it in differently.

Love that 80s French mood.

Visionner « Jean Pierre Mader Disparue » sur YouTube

A french version of the James P. Carse "Finite and Infinite Games" that I was lucky to find in a second hand bookstore.

Nice quotes from this book at :

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Je ne sais pas si quelqu'un à déjà poster, mais voici un petit docu-fiction (en français) intéressant sur "La boucherie éthique". Je vous laisse découvrir, mais disons que le titre en dit déjà beaucoup.


@neauoire si jamais tu veux, aujourd'hui je suis libre, on pourrait faire quelque chose ensemble si tu veux :)

Halloween illustration that I made few years ago. Happy Halloween Everyone!!

@rek ton travail est vraiment magnifique. J'adore ton univers de créatures énigmatiques.

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