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A big thank you to everyone for sharing these answers. With these different approaches, it will give me some ideas to experiment with my son. I took note of every piece of advice you gave me. Thanks to you he will be better for sure. :)

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Does anyone have any suggestions for homeworks strategies for a 9-year-old with attention deficit disorder? How to increase focus? How to help him to be better organized. I need a list quick tips.

I am proud of myself. One month completely without meat. And I continue...

EN: Could someone help me? I want to do my wiki page but I have no programming background. Where do you advise me to start?

FR: Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider? Je veux faire mon wiki mais je n'ai pas de base en programmation. Par ou me conseillez-vous de commencer?

« Alfa Rococo - Le temps qu'il faut »

"As-tu le temps qu'il faut pour la lenteur des poèmes".


Yesterday I have discovered a hiding wooden box at the foot of a tree on my field. Unfortunately, nothing on the inside. It looked a passage we leading to sub-land of the forest. I'll be able to dream children with this.

My son and I listening "Desireless Voyage Voyage" thinking about you. Oh, also with a little 80's synth toy trying to find the notes of the song.

I try to find the right balance between all these spices.

- Cinnamon
- Ginger
- Cardamom
- Jamaica all spice (it's a single spice)
- Clove
- Nutmeg
- White Pepper
- Anise

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Cette fin de semaine j'ai été cueillir le thé des bois (Gaulthérie couchée) dans ma forêt. Ça a le gout de la peppermint rose. Je fais sécher le tout sur mon poêle à bois pendant 6 heures. Ensuite nous avons dégusté le tout en écoutant le bruit énigmatique de la braise encore chaude.

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This weekend I went to pick tea (Wintergreen) from the woods in my forest. It tastes like pink peppermint. I dry everything on my wood stove for 6 hours. Then we tasted it while listening to the enigmatic sound of the still hot embers.

2nd drawing of my Semi-forest project.
@huotart on Instagram for more drawings.
Semi-forest : Left side.
Demi-forêt : Côté gauche.

Drawing of the Day:

EN: Semi-forest : Lower part.
FR: Demi-forêt : Partie inférieure.

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