Hello again Merveilles!
My name is IDeeez and I'm a graphic designer / illustrator living in Tokyo, Japan.

If you'd like, you can check out my work here!

Nice to meet you all!

@flame aiyoo flame! glad to see you in Mastodon!\\\\ (・ᴗ・)」////

@neauoire @rek yeaaaaah It's really nice to see you two!!\\\\ (・ᴗ・)」////

@IDeeez Welcome to Merveilles, it’s nice to meet you.

@IDeeez Hey and welcome to town! Good to see more illustration oriented people here! :)

@IDeeez Welcome to this fine community ! Great drawings !

@Preston I owe it to you! I'm so glad I got into Merveilles😘

@IDeeez hahaha like anyone was going to say "no Ideez cannot come to the Mastodon instance" 😂

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