@IDeeez omg lol, you have so many amazing rugs already. This is so, so good.

@rek actually, the rugs on the floor are my friend's work. I'm glad you said so! I'll make more rugs\\\\ (・ᴗ・)」////

@IDeeez They're all so good! I did not know tufting guns existed ;;

How long did it take you to make the sheep rug?

@rek Thanks! If you make a rug it will be great one!
hmm I think I made it in about 4hours, not including design time and the time for the glue to dry🤔not so long

@IDeeez @neauoire That gun would do perfectly as a sci-fi prop. Also good work on the rug, I have no mental image of how that works.

@IDeeez where’d you get the tufting gun? I have been fantasizing about getting one

@anreoh my friend lent it to me so i don't know where he got it.
i'll ask it next time:)

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